Wellesley, MA, restaurant sale 6/4/17

After its final service tonight, Blue Ginger will host a celebratory yard sale of its decor and equipment tomorrow, in the parking lot. I don’t know the hours.

Interesting. I may have to go just to go.

Sunday. 9-12. Cash only.

I’m assuming at the restaurant.


Woops, I got the days wrong but at least the right date😲. When I read about it a while back, they were planning on having refreshments though probably not free, since the sale proceeds go to charity. Also, it’s likely that some of the contents of the restaurant will be put to use at Blue Dragon or the yet to open stir fry place planned for Boston.

Erica, why is Blue Ginger closing? I remember stopping there several years ago without a reservation and getting a table after a wait. The place was bustling, and Chef Ming was on the line while his folks were in the bar/lounge area greeting customers. It was a fine meal: East meets West!
How is his restaurant in Boston doing?

The only reported reason is that the lease is up. Why Ming Tsai chose not to renew it was not addressed.

This interview (one of our local sources) makes it sound like he’s just ready for a change… and would prefer to “go out on top”.