Welcome, and please help spread the word!

Here. Sorry I’m late – it’s a busy time for me, but I am looking forward to a fresh start. Glad to see some great peeps on board, and grateful for those responsible for the teleport.

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New name but some of you may know me as Davwud from the other, slowly being driven into the ground site.

I don’t much post anymore as we’re on a very limited budget these days so not much eating out and quite frankly, a couple years ago the internet seemed to have lost some of it’s luster. I keep a pretty low profile now.

Good luck with the new site and we’ll see you around from time to time.


Well, I made it. I think I know some of you! Sounds like fun!


Well… There you are Uncle Bob! Good to see you.

Thank you!! It’s good to be seen! :grinning:

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Yay! Hi everybody! Good thing I saw the What the Fork article… I’d been worrying that everyone was just going to Facebook (where I am not). Thank you!

Yeah. I won’t want to go to Facebook neither. Welcome

Has anybody gone to facebook to share a link here?

(Obviously, not you or indigirl, but . . . .)

I did but there are less than 10 people who see my posts… :confused:

I just joined FB recently since most of the people involved in a trip were using a FB group to plan the event.

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I’m here finally. LOL


yay jjjr!

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Hello there… and Welcome!

I don’t Fakebook anymore and haven’t since a significant-other from 30 years ago tracked me down via FB after one of their many de-privatizing parties. I got sick and tired of constantly having to monitor my privacy settings to keep them actually PRIVATE. I signed up for a FB account back when it was still restricted to educational institutions and used my real name because they swore up and down that they would NEVER NEVER NEVER expose our personal details.

Yeah right. Deleted the account altogether. I was tired of people dropping notes on my FB “wall” in lieu of actually talking to me anyway. No, I did not compulsively check my FB “wall” when I still had the account. If you want to arrange lunch, CALL ME or talk to me in the hall.

ANYWAY. So thank heaven somebody is providing us with a non-FB setting. Thank you!


I went by Scargod on Chowhound. My avitar should look familiar.
I hope I can contribute to this forum.
I was one of the early members on Chowhound. At first I was Scargo. Before long, because of my naivete, I thought I had lost that name so I created a new identity as “Scargod”.
Since my banishment from CH I have contributed on Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google Reviews and others.
It feels good to join a community where I feel I am in my environment again.


Welcome SG. Slowly but surely we’ll build this site to accommodate our culinary needs and I’m glad you’re here to help.


Thanks for setting this up - hope Chowhound is not a hopeless case but things are pretty dire there obviously. Happy to see all the familiar names - as for me of course I’m the same ratgirl, new ratchannel.


Thanks for taking the time to find me on Twitter and let me know about this site.

Glad to be here and thanks for setting this site up! A nice, easy to read format that’s quick to respond and load. Better yet, some decent conversations about food with actual thought behind the comments.


Hello there! It’s been quite a while since I was a frequent (ok, constant) participant on CH, yet I recognize many users :slight_smile: It’s lovely to see and I’m so glad for the invite. Please don’t get mad when I start a Christmas cookie thread…


YAY! Glad to see you.

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