Weird things with time in HO

There seems to be a lag in HO. I got the notifications (top right on the my avatar) from posts this morning of things I have already read yesterday. The threads I have been reading, after I finished reading everything, the last newer posts (5-8 hours ago) remained as “unread” with the blue dot or the number count on home page for me, I renewed many times the page, just couldn’t get rid of that.

Don’t know if it is only me or it happens to others too.

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Yes I just noticed it too.

Yup, happening this morning to me as well.

Me, too. On Firefox & Chrome.

Yup. Just happened to me, too.

The time lag is still happening.

I was online until early morning and it was happening then. I use Chrome. Just got on the computer so no idea if it is still happening for me.

Early this morning I noticed my notifications did not turn off even after I read the posts.

I think when we migrated the images to a new server earlier, the migration took up all the CPU time and so some of the regular queued processed got delayed.

I will probably restart the server tonight to clear up anything stuck in the queue.

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Noticed the server was down just now, probably for a restart.

Still see this problem after the restart. More or less like yesterday. I also notice now to load the homepage Hungry Onion, it takes much longer than before.

Still happening this morning.

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Also the screens are auto jumping between pages I am trying to read. I’m not landing on the pages I want to read…using the back button.

This page crashed while sending a post.

If I keep clicking on “unread,” that page eventually updates itself correctly.

I haven’t had a chance to reset the queue yet. (I did reset the server) I am away for today, so will have to do that tomorrow. I don’t want to do something and risk screwing it up before going away.

Notifications are still screwed up this morning. I’m getting notifications for comments and likes posted yesterday that I’ve already read.

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Here too, notifications for events 2-3 days ago. Hope the server queue will get fixed later today.

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The issue should be solved. The backlogged queue was cleared today. If there is still any issue around delayed notifications and trouble uploading pictures, please let me know. thanks.

(went camping so I was in the boonies for a while.)


Because of the photo migration, you may see some lag in notification, etc. because of the backlogged queue. We did throw more CPU and memory allocation this time around to ease any such issues.

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