Weird Link Issue

Just noticed today: all links I’m clicking on HO, from my phone, are opening a new browser window but not loading.

Here’s the url that opened (note, I inserted a space after the www so it wouldn’t generate a link):

This is what happens in the new browser window:

I am able to open links by holding them down for a few seconds, until I get a popup asking what I want to do - selecting “open link in new tab” works.

Android, using Firefox.

Tried it with the browser the link without the space, it leads to a blank page on my desktop computer (Mac - all browsers). But I don’t have problem with links though. I wonder how this link is created on the first hand.

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I’m able to click on the same link in the original post from my desktop (Windows 10; Firefox) and it works as expected.

I’m not having the same issue with FTC or other Discourse sites, just HO.


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