Weird and interesting AIRLINE FOOD

So don’t fly economy. Problem solved.

Not at all. There’s a chance I might be sitting next to or near one.

The partner is almost 2 metre (6’4"/5) tall. Near impossible to sit in economy any more. Legs are too long.

Based on the increasing ticket prices (and all predictions point towards further significant increases) it will become more and more a luxury in the future

Then what effect do those “egotistical A-holes sitting (in) economy” have on you?

I felt it in the wallet. A ticket to Mexico cost me 500 euros more.

Shorter flights and small planes only have the same seats.

It might be time for you to purchase your own plane, so you don’t have to suffer this egregious inconvenience.

The world changed as deregulation took hold. It really changed with the widespread adoption of software-driven dynamic pricing.

With some airlines, seats can be chosen online hours before the physical check-in, better choice only possible with economy +, or business - if you are paying to pay a bit more. I suspect free updates is becoming more rare.

One time we got upgraded because arriving late at the check-in desk, they probably ran out of economy seats.

I’ve been pretty fortunate…honestly mostly because I expreas my gratitude to the cabin crew for being on their feet waiting on insufferable jackasses for 12 hours a day and managing to smile.

I was upgraded to Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic a few times, and my long term Medallion status on Delta usually brings me great service.

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I’ve only 2 memories of flying First Class-- once as a 6yr old going to Puerto Rico & then on to St Croix where dad had a new job-- we flew in a Lockheed Electra & there was this elegant lounge in the rear.

Next was oh…40 years later when I was being a company rep at trade shows & it was always economy class & I complimented a stewardess on her competence & she offered me a seat in FC.

A website I like a lot is be warned it is quite the Rabbit-hole.


Son doesn’t travel business, but has flown Turkish Air several times since restrictions and says it’s not the same.

This was 2019. Blew my mind!


Do you know if it’s still the same?


I remember being impressed that I was served real food, not a snack, in economy on Finnair during the hour-long flight between Helsinki and Stockholm. This was in 2005 when US airlines had already started cutting way back on food service

I was basing my comment on my one flight in 1996. I kept the little plastic salt and pepper shakers from my meal!

No idea what it’s like now! I know Turkish pilots are among the best in the World!