Wegmans Score....

So I was in Wegman’s the other day getting some little red hot peppers & I saw a sign that said '80% Ground Beef $2.49" in a family pack. So I thought ok even though I usually grind my own - that’s not bad I’ll get a pack. It’ll be handy for quick meals over the next month which is going to be really busy. Over to the meat counter & there’s a bunch of family packs so I look through, $1.99# - nope not it, $1.99# - nope not it… Wait a minute… almost all of them were (mis) marked at #1.99#. Now that’s a deal. I bought 2 7# packs.

Looks like meatloaf might be in my future.


If you haven’t tried it before, I recommend turning that meat loaf recipe into fricadellen (a.k.a. frikadellen). A fricadelle is meat loaf shaped into a patty before sauteing over low to medium heat till cooked through. There are advantages: more (and better) crust which creates excellent fond to turn into gravy right in the same pan, portion control, and leftovers are perfect cold, on a bun. Cooking time, overall, is faster than oven-baked meat loaf, but you must keep the heat down, or the crust will char. The patty should be close to an inch thick - give it 15 minutes on the first side, 10 on the second. Judge by the crust, as residual heat ensures cooking all the way through by the time you’ve made the gravy, as the patties rest on a platter.

I was being kind of facetious about the meatloaf, hamburgers & spaghetti sauce are more likely but thanks for the suggestion. Perhaps frikadellen is in my future. The future is suddenly murky…

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
Credit: inkelv1122, Flickr