Wegmans, Parsippany and Montvale

“Much ado about nothing” I was so disappointed

We went first to the Parsippany store and then the Montvale store. The Parsippany store is older but much nicer and cleaner than the Montvale store, both have the liquor stores attached, neither store impressed me. I was stunned by the lack of quality of the food on their hot bars, in the deli case, pretty much anything prepared … in general laughable really! The sandwich bar looked to be of a lesser quality than subway the pizza, think ellios frozen … pre sliced cold cuts, no in store cooked roast beef … I could go on.
One international isle, one isle devoted to Italian products … very very little variety in the store … they only sell the flats of brisket, how can this be considered a " great " supermarket. It reminded me of target or Walmart. My local Shoprite is so much more interesting a store, with so much more to choose from with better quality in general.
Even in its current incarnation with its recent fall from grace, Fairway is a thousand times better a store, really no comparison!
Just my opinion!!!
Lastly, as per the people in the Parsippany store, Harrison in Westchester County, NY is very far from opening with a possibility of it never happening. Yes they purchased the land but Westchester has become a huge pain in the ass for them … surprise surprise!

I agree. I had just mentioned on CH that I didn’t care for the Montvale location. I’ve been three times and it’s just eh. I have been to a handful upstate and found that they were much better. Quality, selection, etc. It’s like their new stores are amusement park versions of the original chain.

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Yes I saw that post and sent you a PM about it here because I agreed with what to had to say with the exception of not having experienced the upstate NY stores.

We went to the Montvale store recently and I was SO disappointed. I went to college in Rochester and Wegman’s was THE SHIT back then. We favored the “Superwegs” in Pittsford, which was their flagship store, but even at smaller inner city locations, the selection was absolutely incredible and the prices very reasonable. I was super excited to hear about the Harrison store, but Montvale is also convenient for us, so win-win, I was hoping.

Anyway, when I walked into the Montvale store, I was absolutely shocked at the disorganization and preponderance of Wegman’s brand products, to the exclusion of all else. I almost felt like I was in Stew Leonard’s, so limited was the selection. I ended up having to stop at a nearby Stop & Shop to complete my shopping, because I needed a few name-brand items (nothing esoteric, just everyday brands!) that were nowhere to be found, plus a couple of produce items that were either unavailable or half rotten at Wegs. I expect this when I shop at Stew’s, because that’s part of their schtick, but not at Wegs. I’m terribly disappointed that they have made the corporate decision to go down this path, and I won’t bother stopping in again.

This is really disappointing to hear. I have been to the Binghamton one and Syracuse one hundreds of times over the past 18 years and it is shocking to hear that the brand is not up to par in NJ. I really hope the Harrison one (if it does come to fruition) is up to upstate NY standards.

I’m posting a few pictures for those who have never been to a Wegmans.
I did like the weck roll and haven’t found them anywhere else.
The photos are all of prepared food


What is that in your last photo? Bread with olives? or it’s a brioche with candied fruits?

It’s bread, a weck roll, most popular in Western, NY, olives are on the plate.
“Weck rolls are cousins to the Brotchen and Kaiser rolls but are prepared and shaped differently. They are traditionally topped with coarse salt, poppy seeds, caraway seeds or sesame seeds before being baked.”


There’s a Wegmans here in Manalapan, NJ. It’s big, clean - seems well stocked. I don’t recall a burger bar there though. Hafta check - if there is I’d shop there more.

I shop at the Manalapan Wegmans regularly. No burger bar.

The burger bar is only at 9 total locations

I live very near the Wegmans in Ocean . Yes, it does push its brands but there is so much that I like about that store. The service is great. They are really customer oriented. Most times I shop there, it is packed with people, but they open a lot of cashiers so I never have to wait long to check out. The bakery, prepared foods, produce, etc. is excellent.
I do really like Shop Rite also, but the location is a little further away so I normally go to Wegmans.

The Ocean store is my local location too…I tend to alternate between Wegmans and Shop Rite in Neptune (which is GINORMOUS) because there are certain national brands that I like that Wegmans doesn’t carry. I’m also not a fan of their small selection of meats/poultry (or the packaging), but the quality is certainly there. I don’t hate them for it, but it’s not always 100% convenient. That said, I’ve never had an issue with any produce there, and some of their prepared foods are regularly in my fridge (esp the garlicky greens).