Wegmans for Raleigh, NC!

After much recent discussion about a Chapel Hill location the Raleigh site was just announced. Could be open in a year! This site is just inside the belt line between TJ’s and Costco.


Good news indeed! This location is very close to my home. I’ve never actually shopped in a Wegman’s, but the enthusiasm of those who have gives me hope for a nice experience. Variety is always welcome.

I spotted one while in Va. last spring and was very impressed. Great prices on specialty items, very nice bakery goods including mini pastries and half loaves of bread. I’ll definitely be a shopper. They will give TJ’s a run for their money.

(Nice having someone else looking and commenting on this area! Hopefully we can build it up.)

Oh yeah, I’ll definitely give Wegmans a shot. And it may very well end up being my go-to spot.

At the moment I split my grocery shopping between a bunch of places: Teeter, Kroger, Whole Foods, TJs and Costco, with each filling a specific niche.

Kroger and Teeter are for full-on, wide-spectrum grocery stock-ups, Costco for certain great items (Coastal Aged Cheddar!, Olive Oil!). For some reason, I’ve never thought of TJs as a full-on grocery store, and tend to treat them as a snack shop.

And Whole Foods, of course, is great at some things but $$$$$ and knocks themselves out of the everyday category by not having simple essentials like Heinz ketchup.

It sounds like Wegmans could be a nice amalgamation of Teeter, Whole Foods and TJs under one roof, with the locational convenience and parking of the Kroger. That would be awesome.

Grocery Dreams, heh.

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