Weekly Menu Planning - March 2023

Hi, all! Cooking for 2 this week near Destin, Florida! It’s going to be cool and rainy, but I have a stack of library books and some fun recipes to cook (and I’m sure we’ll still hike and canoe, etc. since we’re staying in a state park).
Saturday, March 11: I imagine we’ll follow tradition and pick up some steamed shrimp at the market. I might bake up some focaccia to go with.
Sunday: I hope to also pick up some local fish to grill and serve with rémoulade. I’ll also make smashed potatoes and a ginger cake.
Monday: We’ll go super simple with tuna salad on toast and some sautéed zucchini.
Tuesday: The WMP-famous skillet ravioli. Planning to sub in ricotta for mascarpone, has anyone done that? Also an orange and olive salad from Dinner
Wednesday: TBD
Thursday: Oven omelet with broccoli (but no raisins!!); bits and bobs of leftovers
Friday: Drive home, TBD. Maybe dinner in Birmingham with a friend?
Hope you all have a lovely week! Happy cooking!


Cooking for one at the Jersey Shore. Jar salads at lunch for work so don’t be too horrified at the lack of vegetables for dinner

Saturday: Rao’s lemon chicken, jasmine rice, steamed peas
Sunday: birthday dinner at my parents
Monday: Rao’s meatballs, linguine
Tuesday: Monday leftovers
Wednesday: air fryer honey mustard pork chop, roasted baby potatoes, steamed broccoli
Thursday: shrimp burger with Old Bay mayo, frozen French fries
Friday: homemade crab cake sandwich from the freezer, frozen fries


Happy birthday @NJChicaa. Hope you and your parents have a wonderful dinner!


Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday!!

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Happy birthday! I hope you have a lovely meal with your parents.


Do you have a source / favorite variations for your lunchtime jar salads? I’ve clipped/saved several sets of instructions but never seem to actually MAKE these! We’re almost always home for lunch, and I tell myself at the start of the week I’ll just make a salad bowl, then during the week I get short on time.

This is the basic set up that I use when I’m making them https://piecesinprogressdotcom.wordpress.com/2014/09/06/diy-mason-jar-salads/

Typical for me from bottom to top is lemon vinaigrette, diced red bell pepper, diced cucumber, diced carrot, chick peas (or black beans), brown rice, baby spinach, and feta crumbles. That’s my go-to.

Next week’s jars will be a variation of my BBQ chopped salad. Homemade BBQ ranch dressing on the bottom and then: red bell pepper, cucumber, hardboiled egg, bacon, romaine lettuce, and bleu cheese crumbles. I’ll probably use some diced carrot too for good measure.


Great images and ideas at that link, THANKS. Since I save my recipes as (searchable) text MS-Word files, that chart, examples and a few component recipes took me a ton of typing to transcribe. It may just be that my computer privacy settings interfered – I only saw the ingredients lists/instructions transposed on the images - no stand-alone text?

Last week was wild. Did not even have time to bake scones, so TJ’s chocolate croissants were gratefully enjoyed. And I got selected as an alternate juror, so this upcoming week will be very strange. Jury duty in the day, doing all my college work at night. Funny how days off are really just days “off”, right? In the jury assembly area, while waiting to be called, they were telling people to relax and enjoy their free time, and all these heads popped up from their laptops, including mine. :joy: Easy food ahead! Thank you, Trader Joe’s.

For two adults in San Diego:

This week’s breakfasts: TBD

S:(tonight) - takeout. Pizza - pepperoni, spinach with added mushroom on one half for me.

Su: To use up some potatoes before they go bad, I’ll be making this: https://www.budgetbytes.com/curry-beef-with-peas/ (but with ground turkey) Haven’t tried it with ground turkey yet, so I’m looking forward to this experiment.

M: Green chile macaroni and cheese with leftover bacon from last week

T: Tuna melts - seafood

W: TJ’s soup dumplings with chili crisp

Th: TJ’s green chile and cheese tamales with beans - vegetarian

F: Chicken curry fried rice

Have a good week!


I don’t think your privacy settings are the problem. I found the same image and no stand alone text. For the future you could save the image and just type in some searchable key words?

And I agree these would be great for lunches if I ever find my jars


Hi, everyone. Crazy week ahead as DS has rehearsals until 6:30 every night (the show opens on Thursday) and DH and I have the usual stuff.

Sun: steak fajitas, rice, beans. I splurged on a few Penzeys blends and one called Arizona Dreaming should be good for fajitas!

Mon: mahi-mahi with shallot/tomato pan sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans

Tues: spaghetti and (chicken) meatballs, salad. If I determine that GF pasta works in the InstantPot, I will try that! (Just haven’t googled yet)

Weds: fajitas encore

Thurs: firecracker chicken, broccoli, rice

Fri/Sat TBD as DS has to be back at school at 5ish.


Exciting- what show is it?

Delicious week. I especially like the sound of that chicken.


Actuals for March 6 week, cooking for 2 in snowy, snowy MN. We’re at that odd, all-grey-skies, time of year when it can snow lightly all day, melt in late afternoon from pavement & sidewalks, and repeat the next day. We maybe get one sunny day per week, and today is (sigh, again) NOT that day. I’m continuing to meal-plan to use the pantry over-stock. Checked off the list this weekend (some, not all of any category): boxed pudding and jello, tuna, tomato soup. Canned fruit - peaches & pears - which we like with cottage cheese or ice cream or pudding and had with all 3 at various meals.

Mon: Oven smoked turkey Chimichangas
Tues: OUT -fish, beer & chocolate cake w ice cream. Celebrating that we (finally! I started this in December…) both got our completed revised wills, POA, health directives signed, notarized and copies made with Lawyer.
Wed: Meatballs w BBQ sauce, Normandy mixed vegetables, Cheesy grits - this grits recipe makes a huge batch of delicious-ness. I have notes saying “only make half”. We still had enough for a 2nd meal, plus some reheated and enjoyed with my breakfast eggs. https://www.budgetbytes.com/bbq-meatballs-with-cheese-grits/
Thurs: Lasagna, Spinach salad, garlic butter English muffins
Fri: Beef stew with potatoes, green beans, carrots, Naan, diced canned peaches, over vanilla ice cream
Sat: lunch - Tuna & egg salad on English muffin bread, w/ cheese as tuna melt, cottage cheese, potato chips, diced peaches, Lemon pudding w sugar cookies, dinner - Appetizer – last of yesterdays lunch chicken salad on Club crackers. Reheat Beef stew, Naan, pears w cottage cheese.
Sun (today): Salmon, mashed potatoes, Canned pears w cottage cheese, lemon pudding. Made orange jello for snacking.


Fiddler on the Roof. SO many kids that all the named parts are double-cast (each cast will do two performances) and there are huge ensembles.


Fiddler on the Roof, one of my favorites! And what an ensemble (complicated) production it is! Great drama department at your son’s school. The stage manager (s) has (have) a big job! Break a leg to your son!


And in a week when we heard that Topol had died.


Yes, it was very timely but sad.

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I lived in NYC when FOTR had its early-aughts Broadway revival, and the daughter of my mother’s best friend from college was the stage manager. When my mother was in town visiting, her friend’s husband got tickets for us all to go see it, and after the show their daughter took us behind the scenes and out onto the stage for a little tour of the production design, which was cool. You’d think the stage crew would just build pieces with the right look, but they’d actually sourced period- and locale-appropriate antiques for all the furnishings.


That sounds so cool! But I doubt the middle school will be quite that authentic… DS will be wearing (solid) black sweatpants instead of dress pants. :joy: