Weekly Menu Planning - January 2023

Mr Autumm loves that goulash. The dumplings are what remind him of Hungary. When I make it I only make enough dumplings for that meal as they don’t keep well


Hello from Ottawa, Canada. The city plowed the sidewalks twice this week! It has been snowing every Friday since Christmas and while I don’t mind the snow, the city doesn’t seem to be plowing as much as usual this winter and I am getting tired of walking in slush. When I buy take out lunches on Fridays I have been alternating between the two restaurants in the food court downstairs but I wanted a change today so I bought lunch from the Asian restaurant a block and a half from my office, wading through slush and small lakes that are forming at street corners all the way there and back. My feet should be dried out by July. The lunch special was udon soup with tofu and mixed vegetables and tempura on the side (three shrimp tempuras and two vegetable tempuras I think - I’m still working on my soup). This week has been quiet since most of the museums are closed for annual maintenance at this time of year and there aren’t any movies on right now that interest me. However our new opera company has a show coming up next weekend which I plan on taking in. And the public library has resumed their weekly movie screenings and I am looking forward to seeing The Florida Project at the beginning of March. They have just posted a screening of Parasite in mid February which I would like to see again since I watched it from a North American bias the first time I saw it so I misinterpreted the entire movie.

On to my menu plan for this week. I am now caught up eating the bits and bobs in the fridge so I am now going to work on emptying out the freezer. Wish me luck!

Today: Take-out for lunch, caesar salad for dinner.

Saturday: Pasta with tomatoes and pearl onions that I was going to have last night, caesar salad again. I got home late from running errands after work yesterday so I threw together peanut butter noodles with cucumbers, which is a favourite dish and can be thrown together fairly quickly. Today is also fridge and freezer clean out since I have been buying lots of reduced meats and fish at the grocery store lately - the cuts that are on the best before date - so I have been buying them, freezing everything in individual portions and labelling the baggies then not updating my inventory list. Time to get myself organized!

Sunday: Basa fillet poached in tomato sauce, roasted veggies on the side.

Monday: Repeat of last week’s goat cheese omelette, garden salad on the side.

Tuesday: Beef surprise! I will decide over the weekend what I will have based on whatever I find in the freezer.

Wednesday: chicken livers of some sort with a salad of some sort on the side. There are a couple of posts in the WFD forum for a couple of pasta dishes that call for using chicken livers so I may try one of them.

Thursday: fettucine al pesto, garden salad.

Have a nice week and stay dry.


Hi, all! Cooking for 2 in sunny Chattanooga. Leaning fully into the soothing carbs this week!
Breakfast: Cinnamon rolls
Saturday, January 21: Potato gnocchi from Milk Street; Brussels sprouts salad from same
Sunday: Philly pork sandwiches with broccoli rabe from Cook’s Country; slaw from Salt Fat Acid Heat; something chocolate
Monday-Tuesday: Scrounge. There should be plenty of leftovers from the weekend!
Wednesday: Baked mac and cheese from Cook’s Country; more slaw
Thursday: Scrounge
Friday: Keema mattar from Tuesdays at Milk Street; rice or leftover sub rolls
Hope you’re staying warm and dry where you are! Happy cooking!


When I had to replace my old Robot Coupe because the parts were no longer available I was blown away by how much.more powerful the basic Cuisinart was. Quick and efficient.


Tell me what makes the Philly pork sandwiches “Philly”?
I have a slab of commercial pulled pork in the freezer that I would love to turn into an app to bring to a pot luck.


I ended up making a half-batch of dumplings this time and I think I’ll stick with it. I agree, they don’t reheat very well.

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I LOVED The Florida Project. Thanks for the memory!

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Glad to hear you enjoyed it! It’s been on my bucket list for awhile and I’m looking forward to seeing it.


If the blade doesn’t move, is it a pain washing around it?

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Eek. I learned from our old washing machine (and its repairman) that the more bells and whistles something has, the more that can go wrong. Hadn’t thought about that in terms of a FP.


Yes! That looks like it’s probably the same model I’ve had for over 20 years! But I’m disappointed to hear that the quality has gone down. Are these old overstocked items, if cuisinart stopped making them?

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I’m not sure: I have the feeling it’s the Italian vibe: fennel seed, rosemary, chili flake seasoning the pork and then the broccoli rabe and provolone on top…


Oh, the blade comes out just like with other FPs, it’s just that the closed bottom of the bowl means you can pop the blade into the bowl and add ingredients to the bowl before you place it on the FP base (or take it off and put back) without the blade pushing up and getting stuff stuck under it the way it does on other models, if that makes sense. You’re just assembling the bowl/blade a little differently, but it’s perfectly straightforward.


@ginnyhw & @mbcraw4d , I haven’t made these yet, but had I linked to this recipe in this thread. https://thewoksoflife.com/italian-pork-sandwich-philly/


Two retired people in Western Mass with a wonky oven
Actuals last week
Sunday linguini with bits and bobs
of meat and veg and san marzano canned tomatoes
Monday chicken tikka masala over rice with peas
Tuesday more pasta! Cheese ravioli with sauted random veg and jarred marinara.
Wednesday meatloaf stuffed with spinach and cheese, mashed potatoes and zucchini
Thursday chicken pot pie
Friday cheeseburger night. big salad

The oven turned off several times while cooking dinner. It is old and has been acting up for a while. Its a GE electric undercounter model that they still make and is being replaced by our local appliance store next week. Yippee! I love the GE gas cooktop and didn’t want to get a newer model stove and was pretty sure that there would be a domino effect that we couldn’t afford.

Plans for this weekend are leftovers because I love football, especially the playoff weekends, and want to watch TV rather than cook.
Monday whatever looks good at the pricy butcher that is a stovetop meal.
Tuesday sk ravioli with spinach
Wednesday leftovers
Thursday stuffed peppers
Friday cheeseburger night
Another football weekend.
The games are in the evening so Ill bake something Italian or Mexican themed. Lasagna or burritos
(We don’t usually actually do the Super Bowl except for the commercials and maybe the halftime show so this is it for me and football)


I was wrong on the ”Discontinued” thing. They are showing on the cuisinart site. https://www.cuisinart.com/shopping/appliances/food_processors/?

The plastic parts seem flimsier than the model I bought in the 80s. My original processor went many years before I broke the locking latch on the bowl. On my last model, several parts broke or cracked over time until I could no longer get it to work. Also, the blades and discs are now made in China whereas my old blades and discs (which I kept) were made in Japan. I do wash the parts in the dishwasher so that may have contributed towards the breaking. The model I have works fine, but I don’t expect it to last as long as that original one I bought in the 80s.

Depending on what broke on your machine, you may be able to find a part on ebay.


One week before the semester starts. No vaccine or mask protections in place, leaving us faculty and our students completely exposed. I’m having a hard time getting in an emotional space to prepare. Trying not to emotionally eat my feelings. Thank you again for this menu planning group.

For two adults in San Diego:

This week’s breakfasts: Finishing up scones. Probably leftover birthday cake, after Weds.

S (tonight): takeout - bar snacks from the pup across the street - pretzel with beer cheese, mini corn dogs. There will be vegetables this week, I swear! :joy:

Su: Chile Colorado with cheese, avocado and flour tortillas

M: A simple version of egg roll in a bowl (ground turkey, veggies), over rice.

T: Fish sandwiches (purchased battered fish) topped with slaw, served with chips and/or apple slices - seafood

W: My husband’s birthday. He wants takeout nostalgia pizza, and who am I to deny him? Likely lemon bundt cake (Williams Sonoma mix?) for dessert.

Th: TJs butternut squash ravioli with garlic, parmesan, and spinach - vegetarian

F: Ham and bean soup, from the freezer.

Have a good week!


Off topic, but can you recommend any reading on the film? It’s in my queue.


Part of the lid broke, and I had just replaced it earlier last year with a part on amazon. It was cheap enough there (something like $10) that I’d do it again, but it’s not available there. Thanks for the tip to look on ebay - never occurred to me. But even if I find it, given how quickly the new one broke, I’ll need to come up with another solution. Speaks to your experience of lesser quality.

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Actuals for Jan 16 week, cooking for 2 in MN. Where “cabin fever” cooking/baking is creating MORE for the freezer, although in the form of ready-to-reheat portions. For example: the pound of hamburger, 2 jars of sauce and 3 partial packages of cheese that became a 9x13 pan of lasagna – 3 meals for two this week and 9 portions wrapped and frozen. And the quiche-craving that had me make 3 types this week. Happily, I also realized rhubarb season is only 4 months away so I tapped my 4-bag frozen stash for an upside down cake.

Mon: (all commercial Schwan’s products) Chicken mini egg rolls, Rice Pilaf, Mixed Normandy veg. Dessert: homemade frozen oatmeal cookies sandwiched with Cinnamon ice cream
Tues: Pulled pork (frozen in Sept) as BBQ sandwiches on buns, onion rings, spinach salad , mangos,
Wed: Oven Beef Stew (also Fri/Sat lunches), naan bread
Thurs: Lasagna - ground beef, jar sauce, cottage cheese, cheeses, garlic-buttered baguette, bag salad
also BAKED (for evening meal and freezer): Mini-quiche (bacon, spinach, red peppers) and crustless egg cups w/ sweet potato, chive, spinach
Fri - Reheated – Lasagna with salad, garlic bread, 1 mini-quiche each.
Sat: Sandwich & soup - Chicken salad sandwiches (using Costco rotisserie chicken from freezer, h.b. eggs), on seeded whole wheat bread, store-brand frozen wild rice and ham soup. BAKED - Rhubarb upside down cake for dessert.
Sun (today): Crab Quiche. Asparagus. Salad. Grapes. Filling roughly based on this Gourmet recipe @LulusMom1 recommended years ago over on CH. Made enough for 2 nine-inch pies, but I’d only prepared 1 (commercial) crust so 2nd is a crust-less quiche. Another time I would use same amount of (mock) crab with half the eggs/cream for a single quiche. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/crab-quiche-230461