Weekly Meal Planning 2/2019 - The Hearts Afire Edition

On bad days, 5:00 p.m. rolls around and panic strikes the heart: oh, no - what’s for dinner?! Either something is cobbled together from fridge and pantry, snacks are inhaled over the sink, or takeout saves the night. It happens.

But then there are days when all the pieces just fall into place. When careful planning is brought to fruition with exciting, balanced, varied menus and plenty of leftovers for future meals. Who wouldn’t like more of that?

This discussion is for the planners and aspiring planners among us. What dinners do you have on tap this week? If you have recipe links, feel free to share them. And because life rarely follows a script, how your good intentions work themselves out in reality can be reported in the “What’s for Dinner” thread.

So, what meals do you have in mind? Post a whole week or as many meals as you have figured out. Anything special on tap for Valentine’s Day?

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This week I’m making:

Chicken tamale pie- http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchen/chicken-tamale-pie-recipe-2107914

Ground beef stroganoff over ww noodles with cucumber vinaigrette

Korean chicken meatloaf, sesame spinach, brown rice

Scallops, butternut squash quinoa, carrot salad

And we may also do simple grilled b/s chicken breast one night, sides TBD



What’s ww? Weight watchers?

This week:

  • Pork ribs, because it’s in the fridge, no idea what to do with it.
  • Lemon breadcrumbs cod
  • Chicken leek pie that @Harters made a few weeks before
  • Bibimbap

Some ideas:

  • Want to make some home made Boursin - fresh cheese with herbs and garlic
  • an entrée with beetroot(?!)
  • butternut ravioli (a main maybe?)
  • an entrée with Beaufort mousse from chef Jean Sulpice
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Curious, will you people be doing special for Saint Valentine’s? I got several emails from restaurants, dinner menu starts ranging from 110€ per person. 160€ seems to be the average, lol.

Whole wheat :slight_smile:

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Good grief, that’s about double prices I see in Asheville (worse if you consider the exchange rate!)

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That’s why we will be eating at home that day. :sweat_smile: They double the normal dinner price.

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What a delicious week, @ChristinaM!

For the tamale pie, what kind of cornmeal, do you use (and would that make a difference)? I do love tamales, but have never made them. This would be a nice shortcut!

And the Korean quarterly cuisine thread just had me thinking that I haven’t made anything in that vein in a while.

So full from the weekend I can’t bring myself to plan food right now… tomorrow…

I was debating using some nice coarse artisanal grits but went with regular ol’ stone-ground cornmeal.. It wasn’t much like tamales but still tasty. :slight_smile:

That’s what I have too… I did buy some frozen corn, so whenever I get to it, I’ll purée some in.


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Mon - Chawanmushi with shiitake mushrooms

Tues - Gingery cauliflower soup with cashew cream

Wed - Japanese rice/quinoa with flaked salmon and shiitake mushrooms

Thurs - Probably out

Fri - Prawn/shrimp and corn fritters and butterbean mash with sautéed spinach

Sat - Out

Sun - Cantonese poached chicken / Hainanese chicken rice

Will also make ghee this week, I’m almost out.


You could use it to
cure salmon!

I made the serious eats version for my parents to stock their freezer- a rare repeat request for a new to them recipe- although i omitted the spicy stuff (they’re wimpy too) and used black olives since that’s the only kind mom likes. Definitely a cornbread topping, so the name tamale pie is misleading

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Have you tried beets in an indian-style curry? Vegetarian with potatoes, or not with lamb or chicken. Love both versions.

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Should we have a March thread?

Sure! Start away…

March thread…

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