Weekend trip report [Wallingford, Rye, Greenwich]

Spent Friday through Monday morning in CT and Westchester, visiting SIL and BIL near Greenwich, brother in Mamaroneck, and mom and dad’s new condo in Port Chester.

Friday we stopped for lunch in Wallingford, a town that was new-to-us. Cute looking Main Street area. B chose Archie Moore. It was definitely his type of place - casual and down-to-earth, simple pub food done well. Our server was a little surly, though. B splurged on a burger, which be rarely gets; I also had a craving for beef (I am pescatarian) so got the huge salad with sliced beef (shared with B); Spring Onion got the hot dog. We’ll be making this trip more often to visit my parents so I think this is our new half-way stop.

Friday dinner was takeout from Tzatziki Greek Grill in New Rochelle. My brother and his family have ordered from there before. I don’t know if it was an off day for the restaurant or if they don’t have good taste in Greek food, but this was not good. We got a lot of food (big burgers, salmon platters with boring salad, lemon potatoes, dessicated falafel and zucchini bites [not Greek, but we wanted to try them]…you get the idea). Forgot to take photos.

Saturday lunch was at SIL and BIL. I got a boring veggie sandwich from Alpen Pantry because there were no other options. By the time we ate, the Russian black bread had pretty much disintegrated.

Saturday dinner was takeout again, from Applausi . I got the clams and linguine, which were good, although the clams were on the small side. Taking photos felt like it would be gauche. Accompanied by GOOD house wine all weekend (think finance/commercial real estate bro-level…too rich for these Boston country mice).

Sunday lunch with my brother and family at Ruby’s Oyster Bar in Rye. A comfortable spot with three young energetic kids plus my 80-year-old parents. Big portions s asks they serve both the full menu in addition to the brunch menu (brunch, to me, is one of the most dreaded words in the English language). Definitely would be not out of place in Boston. Mussels, seafood bouillabaisse, blackens salmon on Cobb salad, burgers, Mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwich, very good fries (our server told us that they do the whole peel, soak, blanch, double-fry process). Not all pictured.

Sunday dinner at home with SIL and BIL and extended family, a long-standing family tradition. We brought raspberry tart and pumpkin pie from a nearby Citarella. They made a chicken cacciatore and salad.

We left glad to see family and sated. But, it was a rather stressful visit (mom and dad are not in a happy place).


Couple of suggestions in Port Chester and Mamaroneck. Kneaded bread is well worth getting to know, great breads and they have some sandwiches and desserts, including pies. However, I prefer the pies from Noble Pies in City of Rye (both have shockingly high pie prices) but that’s what it takes nowadays. Mamaroneck has a fairly new Italian -Augustines Salumeria, just across from the train station, very good and nice owner’s. Pizza, there is (of course) Sal’s and if you want slightly different (Greek style), there is Jimmy’s, across from CVS on Mamaroneck Ave. Port Chester has plenty of “ethnic” restaurants and well worth exploring. In Greenwich, Grigg street pizza is a good find. Just a few recommendations that may or may not be well known, for the future.