Weekend trip [Providence, RI; Swansea, MA]

We have our vacay house in Barrington, RI back after renting it out for just over 1 year. Needless to say, the last few weekends have been spent moving back in. We went this long weekend to take in the Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Zoo, which has now become an annual tradition.

Saturday means college football so naturally, we stopped at Snookers. We got the Greek-ish style pizza and we surprisingly liked it — half chicken/bacon/ranch and pesto/mozz/tomato. SO enjoyed his cheeseboiger sliders (not pictured).



Sunday lunch was at some random spot in Swansea that we drove past after we finished some errands, Harvest Tap and Table. Pleasant spot that reminded B of a place that would not be out of place in the Midwest and I could understand why. Some type of grilled chicken sandwich for B, fried oysters for me, hot dog for Spring Onion. Good fries that reminded me of the ones my mom made for me and brother—I’m sure they were a PITA for her.




We did the Warren, RI Sunday walkabout which occurs every other Sunday in October and the theme was history this week. We visited the Maxwell House where, even on this unseasonably warm day, they cooked over the hearth—bread pudding that SO gushed over and delicious split pea soup. We next visited Wedge cheese shop, which had a very fun sampling of fancy cheeses paired with Halloween candy (B and SO loved the Camembert topped with candy corn—B said it was better than expected). I got a bottle of that trendy Graza olive oil (I got the drizzling version) and a Narragansett cheese made with Heady Topper beer.

Sunday night was Jack O’Lanterns accompanied by popcorn and beer. Halloween is my favorite holiday, bar-none. SO attended in his hot dog costume (not pictured).



A delicious holiday Monday lunch in Providence at Xoco Taco. Chips and guacamole and green salsa, both awesome, the former topped with lime-y pickled red onion. Cheese quesadilla for SO, B and I both got taco platters, he got the carnitas and I the wild mushroom, which were impossibly umami. My only quibble was 1 tortilla per taco, which meant you had to eat the immediately, but I appreciated not being totally stuffed maybe because there was only 1 tortilla. Good rice and beans on the side. Diverse, chill crowd and folks working there. That’s the Pro-vibe-dence.







Sounds like a great eating weekend and loads of fun!


Congrats for getting back to the house, and the Jack O’Lantern Spectacular looks great.
We have not spent enough time in that area, need to rectify that.


There was a recent article in the New York Times about East Bay. Barrington is part of the East Bay—it wasn’t mentioned—but plenty of other wonderful places were. C’mon down to Lil’ Rhody!


Nice! That’s the atmosphere I appreciate most when I find it.

Plus, congrats on being able to use your vacation house again.