Weekend trip [Mamaroneck NY]

We just got back from a nearly 3-week trip abroad when we had to hit the road again this past weekend, from Greater Boston to Mamaroneck, to celebrate my brother’s milestone birthday.

We pulled in around 7 pm and my bro and SIL had ordered delivery from Frankie and Fanucci. There was margherita pizza, shrimp and spaghetti (B had some and said it was better than the dish he ordered, the cavatelli), chicken sausage homemade cavatelli (the texture suffered from delivery; the overall dish was a bit bland), sautéed spinach, broccolini. Overall, it was an adequate meal.

Lunch at Sedona Taphouse after a very hectic couple of hours at the local high school’s fundraising event which is normally held largely outside but the soggy and raw weather brought everything inside. I felt bad for the food trucks (Westchester Burger, Granola Bar, a Neapolitan-looking pizza one that I can’t remember), Good Humor. We got burgers for the kids, who were approaching hangry territory ($45 after tip for 3 burgers). My elderly parents needed food but not in that hectic environment so the closest place was Sedona, and it worked out. Beef sliders and shrimp tacos for mom and dad (they both enjoyed their meals); clam chowder (too thick) and Brussels side for me; nachos for B (he wanted chili but my SIL snagged the last dregs; chili and a way over-dressed beet salad for my SIL; and salmon sliders for my bro. Very kind service. We were trying to eat light because we were supposed to have the birthday dinner at Rafele at 6 pm. But with the later lunch and the bad weather, we decided to cancel and have dinner at home. I tried to order sushi platters from Fjord Larchmont but it was too late notice. So I placed an online order for a la carte sushi rolls and fisherman’s stew. I arrive around 5:45 pm only to find out that my order was lost (I’m really low-maintenance so I didn’t press). The guy at the counter and the older sushi chef in the window (who I encountered during the December holidays when I picked up food there—he’s great!) both felt really bad. I bought up whatever pre-made rolls and dumplings were available and they comped shumai, shrimp, edamame. Fisherman’s stew was sold out. I also picked up some salsa verde from the case because I planned to make Canarian baby potatoes and the sauce would be a great accompaniment. We brought good wines. Piece de resistance — a tall 3-layer cake (chocolate, vanilla, red velvet) with too-sweet frosting from the Snackery.