Weekend report [East Providence RI; Newport RI; Providence RI]

Another weekend in RI. Headed down Friday after school and we were determined to patronize an East Providence place for a meal. We decided on Red Bridge Tavern. Lots of people probably because of Good Friday (?) We chatted with the bartender who told us that he just moved to East Providence from Warwick because of the Washington Bridge woes which will be never-ending. The estimates for the demolition and rebuilding are laughable. Most Rhode Islanders know to take an estimate and add 5 to 10 years. Anyway, they were busy and our food took a LOOONG time. But we weren’t unhappy. Caught some women’s NCAA while waiting. Plump littlenecks in white wine+garlic for me, hotdog for SO, fish sandwich for B. Eggplant fries with marinara (B didn’t care for them and I thought they were just ok). Overall, homey, well-done food. Lots of happy people in there.





Saturday was spent in Newport at the newly-opened Save the Bay aquarium. Smaller than expected, but SO had a blast with the many touch tanks. We started walking from the aquarium to look for lunch and B, who have some major foot issues (he’s a serious runner), was in pain. I said, well, in all my years, I’ve never been to the Red Parrot and there it is. It wasn’t terrible, but just as you might expect. The good thing is that SO got a big salmon side that he loved. B got nachos, and I had a decent-enough mushroom sandwich.




On our way back to Barrington, we stopped at Rejects Beer to make up for our ho-hum lunch. Fun spot, lots of board games and a fun little retro arcade out back (with free plays!). We didn’t love the 2 IPAs we drank (Intimidation and Shipwreck) but we brought home the Coastal Access, which the bartender said was his favorite. I don’t think B has cracked one open yet. Forgot to take photos, but it did happen! Blarg!

Sunday we visited RISD museum (great as always) and stopped at Xaco Taco for a late lunch. (I love that MANY places were open on Easter. Hey, not everyone celebrates Easter!) We got our usual order of the very good chips and guacamole, various tacos (carne asada and carnitas for SO; mushroom for me; pollo, carne asada, and carnitas for B). Hasty photos.



WCK :broken_heart:


Great pics - looks like you had a wonderful time!

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SEE: The Big Dig. Conceived in the 1970s; completed in late 2007. :expressionless:

And your weekend sounds fun!


Yes, Linda, my immediate thought was: Most residents of Greater Boston know to take an estimate and add 30 years.

Not just the Big Dig; everything. EDIT: I didn’t even mention the Green Line Extension…

We live at the end of a street two blocks from Charlestown/Boston, in East Somerville, right at the intersection that takes you to Assembly Square and 93 North, and if you go a block or so to Sullivan Square, to 93 South, Storrow Drive, etc… There are two bridges that have been requiring repairs for many years/decades now.

Current proposals to repair them are under review that will have severe impacts for our travel by car or MBTA bus or by any means to anywhere. They are said to be completed within a few years.

We optimistically consider that they won’t even be started before we are no longer alive (we are in good health, and 69 this year).