Weekend in Chicago -- check my plans please

Greetings Chicago Board! My sister (from AZ) and I (from MA) will be in town next weekend (first time visit for me) and I could use your guidance. We have dinner reservations Friday at Dusek’s, Saturday at The Publican (thanks to recent thread here) and Sunday at Bohemian House. If any of these is a bad idea please tell me and suggest your alternative.

Also, I could use some help on good places to grab coffee, a light breakfast and lunch. We are staying at Hotel Chicago Downtown (River North) so a walking distance place to grab coffee and a light breakfast (hate paying for hotel breakfasts) would be really great. We need one or two lunch spots fairly near the north end of Millennium Park (a colleague suggested a restaurant called Greek Islands – thoughts?) as well. Bonus points for anything uniquely Chicago. Thanks in advance for your help!

Within 2-3 blocks of your hotel are Firecakes and Glazed and Infused (both donuts). 4 blocks away is Xoco (casual Rick Bayless place) - they serve breakfast too. Otherwise there’s not a lot other than chains and hotel restaurants.

Great breakfast suggestions, thanks so much!

Greektown is not far and sports many good possibilities, but it’s not really convenient to the park.

Thanks @BoneAppetite. What possibilities do you like in Greektown? Deliciousness outweighs convenience most of the time for me.

It’s been too long to give a usable Greektown report, so your colleague’s recommendation is as good as any. Here’s a well-known classic joint a mangeable walk from your hotel that is as Chicago as it gets and even pours shots and beers with (or for) breakfast:


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Fellow visitor to Chicago here. Re: lunch - I had a very nice dish of crispy pigs ears and kale with a fried egg at the Purple Pig, which is open for lunch and within walking distance north of Millennium Park. Also had a dish of potato ice cream with caviar that didn’t quite work, and an IPA float made with pineapple juice that was quite good. There were other things on the menu that looked good but I only stopped in for a late night bite.