Weekend eats: Westport, MA and Arlington, MA

We made a late-ish decision on Saturday to head to Westport. I had read that both the vineyard and Buzzard Bay Brewery had started having food trucks on the weekends. We decided to stop by the vineyard first since it was first on the map towards Horseneck Beach. The scene was as appealing as always, but I was surprised by the food truck. Foodzilla (out of Plymouth) had no veggie items except for French fries and honestly, the food just doesn’t say “wine-friendly” to me. B’s pulled chicken sandwich was fine (and he got beer). There were Thai lettuce cups, BBQ sandwiches. I ate some fries and waited it out until the Brewery. Brewery was much more lively but really hot – almost no shade. Cornhole, mellow crowd, grilled cheese truck (I forget the name). My New Skool (gruyere and tomato) was excellent – on beautifully grilled, thick Texas toast-type bread. Melty all the way through. Plus 3 different hot sauces to sample which had some kick to them. My farmhouse fizzy rose was the perfect match and I bought up 3 bombers to-go. Band was setting up just as we were leaving – we’ll make another trip this summer or fall, fer sure.
Otto in Arlington (old Comella’s space) is finally open so we grabbed a pie after coming home from the beach. We got the white bean, spinach, and tomato. B picked it up – he said the interior is still being constructed but looked typically Otto-like. The pie was, in B’s words “really light” (as in weight). And man, the slices went down like air. We’ve been eating heftier pizza from Joe Pizza lately. The pie was a little underdone, so we crisped it up on a screaming hot pizza stone. The tomato sauce was a bit salty while the rest of the pie/dough could’ve used some salt, so they need to find their balance. We might mention it to them the next time we’re in. And there will be a next time. I believe they have a beer and wine license. And I know opinions of Otto are divided, but we’ve always been fans since our first shared pizza at their tiny wine bar in Portland.


We actually like it that the pizza was really close to Neapolitanean style and not crispy at all. As of last week they didn’t have the beer & wine license yet (and they should really work on keeping the place clean (tables and chairs were really dirty, I tend to prefer not to sit on pizza)