Weekend eats: True West, Acton, MA and Citizen Public House, Boston, MA

We checked out True West in Acton on Saturday. Neat little space, if a little clinical. Nice touches of wood throughout helped to warm up the atmosphere. Started off with the big braided pretzel loaf with nose-clearing mustard (wasabi-like…just the way B and I like it!). They use the spent grain from the brewing process (as they do for a lot of their bread products). Nice start to the meal and B enjoyed the Ruckus IPA. His burger with pork green chili he said was just ok – griddle needed to be hotter to lend some crispiness to the burger. My veggie burger atop a farmers salad had nice greens – some tatsoi and mizuna mixed in – but the veggie burger itself was odd. Too mushy for my taste and didn’t have much umami flavor. The whole dish just tasted sour. But no matter, next time we’ll try other items out and it was a great way to pre-game before the Discovery Museum, which the 3 of us loved. Young, earnest service.
On Sunday, we tried to go to Tiger Mama before the Sox game…but they were closed for lunch this past week! Grrrr…I should’ve checked their FB page but only looked at their website. So, we start walking towards Fenway and nothing appealed to us. We should’ve just braved the crowds at the Yardhouse. We saw Saloniki, Jody Adams’ newish Greek place, but didn’t feel like fast food since this was a “date night.” Passed up Basho and somehow decided on Citizen. Man, has this place gone downhill. We’ve been in once for drinks and B has gone a couple of time for dinner before Sox games and liked it. The bartender did a pretty good job of ignoring us and chatting with her colleague behind the bar. Bloody Mary had no spark, even though I asked for heavy on the horseradish. And our sandwiches (fried haddock for me, pork belly for B) were nothing to write home about, especially at $17. Again, the service was so laughably bad, that it put a damper on our first date night in months. First time in a long time I haven’t tipped 20%. I totally forgot about Hojoko. Next time, we’ll try that or re-attempt Tiger Mama.

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
Credit: inkelv1122, Flickr