Weekend eats [Lexington, Cambridge, Malden, Everett...all in MA]

Sorry for these digests…I know some places might fall off the radar in searches, but it’s easier for me to write these up rather than capsule reviews of every place we go to over the weekends.

Friday dinner [Lexx, Lexington MA]: An unfortunate choice for dinner after a decent lunch several weekends ago, we were ignored for a while (we didn’t time it) at a fairly early hour, like just before 6 pm. B flagged down a server (my preference was to go to the FOH stand). The very pleasant young server demonstrated a lot of poise…we noticed that the server assigned to our section never showed up again after busing the neighboring table. The food was fine (jambalaya and salad with excellent but scant steak tips) but we tipped >>20% for the server and the kitchen that we think were doing their best.

Saturday late lunch [The Automatic]: As promised, we finally checked this place out after a Museum of Science visit that left us both reaching for a drink. It was VERY quiet at 3 pm but the awesome server kept the energy level high and spring onion happy (though not the best place for kids 3 and younger in my opinion). Our food and drink were fantastic. Posole verde soup and chili as starters were across the board savory, spicy, piquant. My “underappreciated white fish” blackened sandwich is something I’d order again-and-again and B’s trainwreck/disco (or whatever they call them) fries were spicy and beautifully crispy. I had a very nice Italian red that is slightly effervescent (but not Lambrusco) served chilled (sorry, guys…I am resisting Googling everything to death and trying to rely on my own experience). Fun space in a previously ghost town for food (I know…I used to work down the street…I wonder what’s coming into the old Emma’s space?).

Sunday lunch [Mystic Kitchen]: We were both pleasantly surprised by a really good lunch here today. It was B’s choice and he agonizes and settled on this place. Crowded, narrow space, but not annoyingly so. The Tuscan white bean and kale soup was delicious, pulled pork grilled cheese was decadent and my salad with steak tips were both really tasty, even with a full dining room. Spring onion’s fries and mac-and-cheese were also made with care. We followed it up with a fun stop at Nightshift Brewery.

All-in-all, a great weekend after getting back from Iceland. Although I remarked to B that I need some Asian food on our next foray out.


Nice account.

Have you posted your Icelandic eating experiences? I’d be very interested.

did you mean mystic station?

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Yes, it is here:

Yep…thanks for the correction.


I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I love these digests, digga! So much fun to read.

Funny, We’ve never had great experiences at Lexx. I always want to like it since it’s so convenient, but there does seem to be something missing as far as service or meal prep go. We haven’t been back in quite a while.

We’ve really enjoyed the Automatic the couple of times we’ve been.My husband enjoyed his Atomic dog with chili, cheese and Inner Beauty. We shared a frito pie that was pretty classic, and I loved my underappreciated sandwich. The burgers, probably 5 oz., are quite tasty as are the fries.

Welcome back, and thanks for the fun report.