Weekend eats in MA and RI and...POTUS and FLOTUS (long)

Title might be a bit overblown but I’m still excited!

Tuesday I got laid-off so I promptly met B and his colleague and friend for lunch at Select Oyster Bar in Boston (my first time). Very small front room (I got there before the guys and sat down at the comfy bar). I didn’t know there was a back patio but no need to move. I went with the lobster sandwich which, as a purist, was tough for me…it was tasty no doubt, but the brioche bun (which I had been duly warned about) threw me off. The whole package didn’t blow me over though it was very good. Couple of glasses of rose helped to take the sting out of that! Friend had arctic char, which he loved and B had the halibut (wow, was that good, though maybe a touch overcooked?). Attentive staff (they remembered our friend). Great way to celebrate my new state of unemployment!

Friday: We set out for Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester, MA with the cipollini and settled on Lobsta Land for lunch beforehand. My fisherman stew was excellent and brimming with all kinds of seafood goodness while B’s lobster cobb salad was fresh and perfect for lunch.

Saturday: We were on a short guest list to meet-and-greet President Obama and Michelle as they were on their way to the MVI for holiday. AF1 touched down at Otis AF Base and a waiting Marine 1 took them to MVI. We were besides ourselves with joy and happiness over cipollini meeting them and seeing what a sane, elegant, intelligent, tolerant president looks like. POTUS asked cipollini if his hand was tasty. Lunch was just over the bridge, in Onset at Quahog Republic which was the prefect venue for us. Plus, the lobster roll was pretty good and so was B’s cornflake-crusted fish sandwich. Friendly service and everyone around us was very entertained by cipollini who was the mayor of Onset that afternoon. On our way back to Boston, we decided to take a detour when I saw my parents were eating at Sura in Providence. And there was a Waterfire that night. We surprised them like hell and waited for them down the street at the Malted Barley where we snacked on delicious pretzels (everything; jalepeno and cheddar; and a tomato, mozz, and basil) and had delicious cucumber cocktails. Cipollini enjoyed the foosball table and space to run around a bit in the back. Kindly service.

Sunday: We spent the night in RI and headed to Bristol. Lunch at Quito’s was delicious all around, though B’s fish tacos had too much crema. But the fish in his dish and my dad’s fish and chips was impeccable…even cipollini concurred. Whenever I see spaghetti and clams I have to order it and this was a fine example of the dish. Mom had the similar seafood and spaghetti was equally pleased. Walked off lunch on the lovely (but very hot yesterday) boardwalk with some Gray’s ice cream to top it all off. Cipollini couldn’t get enough of my salted caramel ice cream and also dug into Grandma’s ginger ice cream.

It’s going to be tough to top this weekend…but we’ll do our damnedest!


What an awesome weekend, although I do hope the layoff isn’t too much of a hardship. So awesome you got to meet our classy first couple! I have to admit to being a bit jealous. Thanks for the uplifting and delightful post, digga!


So enjoyed reading your report, all of which I envied, other than the layoff. Hope that works out for the best. Thanks for letting us enjoy vicariously!


Cheers! Its hard to top that from a food and enjoyment perspective! Hope you are able to get some well deserved R&R during the time off from the daily grind with kids and jobs.

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