Weekday LUNCH Manhatten

Hi i have the opportunity to return to NYC for 1 lunch next month. I had wanted to go to NoMad but they are still closed. Price is not as impt as good food, good cocktails and a reminder of my return to NYC. thanks in advance Adrienne

Carbone, but you need to reserve at least 7 days in advance.

Not a good option for solo diner, if that is what Adrienne is.

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Any price point?

Fair, and good point, although I never mind leftovers from Carbone.

Perhaps JG Nougatine would be a better option?

Manhattan resident here. Have dined out a fair amount outdoors during pandemic.

Places I have dined in the last year that I recommend

Estiatorio Milos (my first indoors meal)
Anton’s (Dennis from Otto now works there)
Taboon (only wine and beer)
Cafe Luxembourg - dine there about once per month

Others I have not dined within past year, but would recommend on past performance and that are open:
Gramercy Tavern
Gabriel Kreuther

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Yes. Jean-Georges is open for 50% capacity indoors but their outdoors dining is those stupid bubbles which are only for parties of 4-plus.

I don’t believe Marea is open for WEEKDAY lunch, only weekend. At least that was the case when I was there.

Marea is a great choice. Love the place.

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The “new normal” :slight_smile:

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You are correct. OP should double check all.

“Price is not as impt …”

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Nice list.
Is Aquavit open yet?

What are your previous favorites?

I’d be going down that list and seeing who’s open and where you’ll be comfortable with the space / seating situation I the new normal.

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Recently been back to Frenchette and Nobu. Nobu is only indoors but there are tables in the entrance lobby so plenty of space. Frenchette has indoor and outdoor. Love both.

Just remembered Odeon it’s been open almost all the time it was allowed. Always lively there.

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Thanks for all of the replies! I will be with a buddy and we have enjoyed lots of lunches in NYC from 11 Madison Park to Gray’s Papaya. I have moved from the area so this will be my first visit since 2019. Keep the ideas coming.

Pastis is open for lunch daily, and has outdoor seating.
It’s on my list for my next visit https://instagram.com/pastisnyc?igshid=19fu7r3fo187h

Kreuther is serving lunch only on Thursday and Friday. From the photo I’ve seen, their outdoor setting is lovely.

Aquavit is open, but I’m not sure if they’re serving lunch.

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I ate there during the summer and was disappointed. Food and service was meh. And the outdoor seating at that time was just rows of tables on the cobble stones.

Headed to Empellon today.

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I have been waiting to go there - are they reopened for sure?