Weekday dim sum quality at koi palace (daly city)?

Is there a noticeable difference in the quality of the dim sum at koi palace mid week vs the weekend? Planning on going this Wednesday. Any opinions on say quality of the skins for steamed items, especially the har gow type of wrapper or the rice sheet roll items?

And what about the roasted meats? Is this suckling pig going to be up to snuff? And while on the topic of the bbq, general thoughts on char siu or duck?

I’ve never had dim sum at koi palace before, so I won’t have a personal frame of reference to compare to. Just curious if they bring in different caliber players during the week rather than the weekend inundation? Thanks for any replies!

I can’t answer your question directly since I never went during the weekend. But for the times that I went during the week, the quality was fine. The suckling pig was very good.

Normally the dim sum served in the same on weekday expect the menu may or may not expand on weekends.

Mmm, its been a while since I had it on a weekday vs a weekend. The only thing I can recall, but as @yimster pointed out, the weekend menu sometimes has a few extra things that aren’t seen on weekdays (they aren’t on the set menu either). Quality seemed fine and there wasn’t that big of a wait (which is always a plus)

Five of us were seated around 1 pm. It was still bustling, and we were too late for the suckling pig. Oh well. Next time. We also accidentally refused the final order of baked char siu buns brought around because I had marked them on our order sheet already. We ordered a LOT so I’ll summarize what stood out for me. Well I’ll try to summarize.

Very happy with:
Crab roe xlb though I was hesitant about ordering them. Not super strong roe flavor, but good flavor overall, well made, nice amount of soup, none of the skins tore.
Siu mai. Just really solid and satisfying
Seafood dumplings with XO sauce. Nice wrappers, loved the finely shredded XO sauce topping.
Espresso ribs. I understand why people don’t like them, I understand why people DO like them more. But I also preferred the more traditional
Spare ribs with black beans. Tender, no scary bone fragments, delicious.
Taro puffs. Not greasy, nice bed head appearance.

Not crazy about
Portuguese egg tarts. Over cooked. Mine was scrambled eggs.
Fried fish in rice sheet roll. Had been sitting and had no contrasting crunch to the slippery rice sheets.
Har gow had thick skins that stuck and fell apart, underwhelming filling.

Everyone else (I just can’t remember it all) was very good.

I still can’t answer my own question about weekday vs weekend, but judging from yesterday’s meal I’ll take a slight reduction in crowd sizes during the week in the future without worrying I’m getting a lower standard from the kitchen.

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Fun description, those do look good!

What was the wait time like?

I got there after a friend put us in on the list. I’d say half an hour, the last ten minutes of which we were waiting for them to seat us AFTER they called our number for some reason.

I have had dim sum at Koi from weekday and weekend. I have ever felt there is a quality difference. However, the weekend menu is a little larger and covers some more elaborate and expensive items. All in all, I don’t think it will seriously impact your experience.