Week of March 5-9, 2018 is California’s first Food Waste Prevention Week - 40% of Food In America Is Wasted


The United States is losing up to 40% of its food from farm, to fork, to landfill. In California, nearly 5 million people are food insecure, lacking consistent access to enough food. In contrast, roughly 1 in 8 Californians are experiencing hunger, and 1 in 5 of those are children.

Uneaten food wastes enormous quantities of precious land, water, energy, fertilizer, human resources and money. Food waste also represents the largest single category of waste in landfills in the US. Food waste decaying in landfills emits methane, a powerful greenhouse gas linked to climate change.

Governor Jerry Brown has issued a letter of support and several state agencies have announced the week of March 5-9, 2018 as California’s first Food Waste Prevention Week. Happening in March to coincide with National Nutrition Month, partners nationwide are urging everyone to Go Further with Food.

Reducing food waste requires action by partners throughout the food system, including food growers, processors, and retailers. But it also requires action from all individuals as well as agencies, organizations, businesses, and community groups.




I can say that corporate cafeterias waste a lot of food. At the end of the lunch/ dinner service, most food goes to waste unless they go through the trouble of putting the food into containers and driving to food banks.

Same for catered corporate lunches. So much thrown away.

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