Wednesday Ramen at Rose's Meat & Sweets [Durham, NC]

I highly recommend the ramen at Rose’s Meat & Sweets in Durham. They serve ramen on Wednesdays. The menu changes a bit from time to time, but it is always a pork-based broth. I went today for the first time. There was a bit of a wait to get my order. They often sell out. They also have some sandwiches. There’s very limited seating there. They began making the ramen as a way to use the bones from their butchering operation, so there will always be meat in the broth.

The broth was rich and meaty. The noodles were toothsome. My bowl also contained baby bok choi, a few shiitake mushrooms and a couple of slices of pork jowl. I’d definitely go back. I also ordered a bacon burger with farmer’s cheese and kim chee, which turned out to be a tasty sandwich. I drove from Chapel Hill and it was well worth the drive.