We Spice --- Ethiopian groceries (SF Fillmore)

We Spice has been open for four months, and offers Ethiopian and Eritrean products that are difficult to get outside of Oakland.

The owner, Rahel, walked me through some of their foods:

  • spice mixes such as berbere and the hotter mitmita
  • dried herbs including Ethiopian thyme
  • flours for injera bread (brown teff, white teff, sorghum )
  • kinche (cracked wheat, eaten as a breakfast grain)
  • shiro powder : The pinkish variety is a 50-50 mix of chickpea flour and fava bean flour plus berbere seasoning; The white is just chickpea flour.
  • a few types of Ethiopian coffee

If you call a few days ahead, they can make you fresh injera ($1 for a 50-50 barley & teff mix; $1.50 for 100% teff).

We Spice
1321 Golden Gate Ave
San Francisco, CA 94115


Thanks for the heads up, have been needing to replenish my berbere supply.

Let us know how the Berbere is! (I’m fully stocked, so only picked up some kinche)

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