We may be losing a jersey icon...Barnacle Bills

I really hope this is not true but I heard it was sold to vikings favorite local restauranteur. I hear condos will be going up. None of this is confirmed but I have a pretty reliable source. I’m literally sick to my stomach. I’ve tanked hundreds of burgers over my lifetime here and have some great memories from as early as I can remember. This is honestly pretty sad :frowning:

Even if condos don’t go up I’m sure it will be ruined.

Isn’t this always the annual rumor? I need a source!

Wow, I haven’t thought of that place in years. I used to see Geraldo Rivera there from time to time.

Gee that’s funny, most of us have been in the last couple weeks.


I google it and it appears there is some truth to the rumor:

for about 30 seconds i was gonna cry…then i noticed it was in OK and i felt better…if this is true I will be devastated…