We Made It!

I (un)officially pronounce Hungry Onion the success we all hoped it would become.

I’m not exactly sure when we crossed the Rubicon, but I am sure HO has reached a point of critical mass.

Great job everyone, and thank you so much, Sampson. You’ve redeemed my 2015.



I’ve only been here a couple of days, but I like what I’m seeing so far. Thanks to whoever started this board and may it live long and prosper, or the force be with it or whatever that movie is that’s out this week.

When you sell it to Time Warner in 5 years, I’m sure someone else will step in with a new, independent board. ;p


If you don’t mind me asking; What exactly was the tipping point of reaching or breaching critical mass? Is there something you are using to gauge this?

I’m never one to shy away from a celebration so, Congratulations HO!!! I’m proud to say I’m sure I played a role in our success!! Now onto the NotJR board!!!



I can’t put my finger on it exactly. It’s a Gestalt sort of thing. I visit here multiple times a day, so I think I’m just aware that there are not only a lot of posts, but a real uptick in new threads. One way to see this is to click in “Latest”, and see how far down the list your own latest post is.

Now we just need to invigorate more local boards (and the NotJr)…


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I see, I do agree that traffic both new threads and comments in existing threads seem to be at a healthy pace. Especially if you compare with some “other” place.

I don’t know about you guys, but I use the “latest” feature to browse the site. It shows every thread, so no need to click from board to board.


Yup, me too.

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I use “Latest” as well. I’ve been using this site for a week and there are usually several responses to my posts every day.

Over on that other site, I have hundreds of followed threads and it can be days before I see any activity.


Thank all of you for making the forum what it is. I remembered when I started it on 9/17 I was staring at an empty forum wondering how exactly that would appeal to anybody at all. When Luke Tsai of East Bay Express asked me the next day how many members there were, I was going in my mind ‘eh, nobody?’ (we had i think 28 at the time). You all brought tons of knowledge and enthusiasm to the forum- I am glad you enjoy it here!.

Hopefully with a good base to work with now, we can appeal to more folks going forward!

Interestingly, I found that, because of the relatively compact size of the site, I tend to wander to boards that I normally don’t visit and learn a bit more about stuff that I don’t normally pay attention to…


Yeah, here too. I start looking at much more other boards too. It’s fun adventure.

Thank you for hosting and all the work.

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Hope so. My main regret about the whole “matter” in which we have come about is the apparent disappearance of some folk. I can think of several who used to contribute to the UK/Ireland CH board who are not posting there or here (a couple briefly posted here but have now disappeared). The discussion of my region’s food is lessened by their knowledge and experience not being available.

Congratulations on the success thus far and going forward, but most of all THANK YOU!

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It seems there is a group of early adapters, signed up and vanished. Any ideas to bring them back, anyone? Did they go back to CH?

Regional boards need some boasts. Many are in its infancy stage.

but the whole board is in its infancy – it’s amazing that it’s been just three months since that empty board above – and now it’s leaning on the sofa and cruising around the living room.

We’ll get there, especially if we all keep sharing and posting


There was an initial euphoria when this new board came up. Everyone looked and posted. If the expectation was that it would be just like the old golden days of Chowhound with the number of posters and posts, then some’s excitement met with the reality that getting traction is always going to take some time.

The group that this board appeals most to is people who are interested in cooking and general topics first, and then regional second. Even our most populated regional boards are still really only starting out. So I am not surprised to see some dropoff if some’s primary interest is regional action. Unless there are a few regulars who stand up and declare they go somewhere else and the group of followers are sizable enough, regional is always going to take time.

And I think there are more longtimers who stop posting for good vs longtimers who start over somewhere else because of how the events transpired since they put in so much sweat equity into Chowhound.

Perhaps Charles and others can share some insights too.

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