We are two weeks old!

Hungry Onion is two weeks old! We are past the 230 user mark! Woohooo!

Still a long way to go though before we reach critical mass. I think we need to get to about 1000 users before most of the boards have discussions regularly. So, please help get the word out! Some ideas on the ‘Please help spread the word’ thread on the General Discussion board. Start a new thread also!

On my to-do list:

  • Putting the moderation team and guideline together.
  • Social media presence (Twitter, FB, Google+) so you can tell your friends about it
  • Build a unique identity for HO- topics, boards, etc. (Anyone wants a chocolate board?)
  • Sort out the domain name forwarding so HO gets better search ranking.

Please feel free to reach out if you want to get involved with any of these things. Remember HO is a not-for-profit so welcome any help!

Also, please tell me about any issues you encounter on the site- e.g. trouble posting, etc.



Congratulation and thanks for your hard work for putting this together.

I think getting high quality contributors are very important. The way I see it is that having high contributors will naturally increase contents and traffic over time. High quality contributors can mean people who have deep knowledge in one area or more and they write accurate and exciting original posts. High quality contributors can also refer to people who positively engage others and bring out the best of others, and create a good constructive community.

Just my two cents.


Congratulations, Sampson! Personally, I think we’re off to a pretty good start thanks to your efforts. As soon as I find the FB link from here I plan to post the link on my timeline. I have a feeling there are many former CHs who are wandering around aimlessly in the desert just waiting to find a place to call home.


A chocolate board? I’ll happily contribute my friends-and-family-fave chocolate butter almond toffee recipe!

ETA: Happy birthday!

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