Wayfare, SF

(Brian Bulkowski) #1

I ate at Wayfare last friday. Among my friends, it has a poor reputation - unexciting and overpriced - yet I felt I should have an opinion on the place.

My opinion was identical. The $22 burger wasn’t any better ( and probably worse ) than most of the high end burgers in town. I didn’t try the fried chicken - was getting full by that point. The deviled eggs were interesting ( light and fluffy in the filling ) but not better than deviled eggs I’ve had elsewhere.

The wine list was so extortionate that we had to buy a low-end wine.

Does anyone have a strong positive opinion about Wayfare ?


I’ve always liked Wayfare Tavern. We were there last Saturday and had a steak sandwich and a chopped salad (which was unlike any other chopped salad I’ve had before but still good). I wouldn’t say it’s very adventurous food though.

(Brian Bulkowski) #3

Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but aren’t the prices extortionate for good but non-adventurous food? I think we paid at least $150/pp out the door.


I definitely don’t usually pay that much, but it is fairly expensive. To me, it’s not out of line for SF prices though.

(Brian Bulkowski) #5

Seemed out of line, even in SF, for the quality offered. Felt like Town Hall quality at Boulevard prices.

(hs) #6

i found the fried chicken to be too salty, not particularly juicy and overly expensive. Burger was inconsistent over several tries (e.g. once they served cheese rind instead of cheese inside the burger). in the spring, they offered an English pea ravioli which was excellent but it is currently not available. they used to also offer a chips and french onion dip served in the onion which was quite good but discontinued it. they may still offer their barrel aged boulevardier which was quite good the last time i had it although they may have tinkered with the recipe since then (i think they replaced the dolin rouge by a different vermouth).

(Brian Bulkowski) #7

I expect more consistency at that price point. Even in SF.

I found the burger to be way under spiced ( not salty ). I have a bunch of more favorite burgers at a lower price ( serpentine is very similar, but cheaper, and easier to reach ).