Wawa Thai - New Northern Thai Food in Oakland (Dimond/Laurel)

There’s a new Thai restaurant in my neighborhood in Oakland, and I tried it earlier this week. I was particularly excited to see khao soi on the menu as this is one of my favorite Thai dishes.

Khao soi was my favorite item we tried – whole chicken leg served with soft egg noodles and crispy egg noodles, plus raw onion and pickled mustard green. Soup came on the side, and was thinner than the version of this dish at Chai Thai, but still had great depth of flavor from turmeric and chilies. Really excited to have this dish in my neighborhood.

The beef noodle soup came with rice noodles and several cuts of beef, plus sliced beef meatballs. Broth was quite fatty but very flavorful. Quite good and comforting for a cold evening

Roti with green curry dip didn’t travel as well for takeout but was still good. On the thick side which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Curry seemed promising but maybe a tad salty. But will have to try their other curry dishes soon.

Total bill was $42 before tip for these three items. Portions were good. Very friendly service!


Wawa Thai Food
3009 Macarthur Blvd
Oakland, CA 94602


I used to live in Delaware and New Jersey, so I’d expect a place named “Wawa Thai” to be about the size of a 7-11 with drive-through pickup for milk and beer as well as for Thai food." I’d go there :slight_smile: though I’d expect it more to be on El Camino somewhere on this side of the bay than over in Oakland.

The million dollar question- is their food, e.g. khao soi, sweet?

No, the khao soi in particular was not sweet. It had a depth of flavor from dried chiles and turmeric that was more noticeable than any sweetness or even coconut flavor.

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That’s great news! I wonder if some of the original Daughter Thai chefs got laid off and came here instead…

Khao Mok Gai is pretty hard to find dish. We have one place here in LA’s Thai Town that serves that dish, the sauce is great! Gaeng Hang Lay would be another Northern dish to try