Wawa ***Free Coffee*** Rt 18 Old Bridge NJ

Till Sunday 11-22-16 free any size coffee!!!

I guess they have reopened after the remodeling. Also, during November, it is free coffee at all Wawa’s if you have the Wawa app.

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This isn’t just the Rt. 18 location, however being the only Wawa thread, this is where this is going.

If you are in the mood for a curiously good ham and cheese sandwich made with no-name spam/ham - odd artificial cheese - knock off gulden’s mustard - surrounded by an oddly bad bagel - wrapped in foil to steam under heat lamps until it’s a soggy molded mess of a sandwich.

If this sounds as appetizing as I find it to be, then the Wawa ham and cheese bagel sandwich is for YOU!!! I’ve got to tell you, this is not a good sandwich but I’m addicted to it. This is the EXACT same reason I deplore 5 - Guys, while their burgers might be good, by the time you get them home they are a soggy molded burger thing with wilted lettuce and tomato. Thankfully the ham sammy doesn’t have any veggies to wilt to their deaths.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this fortune cookie was accurate…


fortune cookie



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This is one of my favorite statements from you EVER!!!


While the free coffee promotion which I started this thread for is over, their new peanut butter fudge coffee is supposedly quite the bid deal. Well, I am a peanut butter guy, so I couldn’t get my cup fast enough. It’s earning a solid meh …!!!

It smells way more “peanutbuttery” than it tastes, it’s not a bad overall cup of coffee, but I don’t see the peanut butter flavor at all.


That’s how I generally feel about flavored coffee (and most flavored vodkas, for that matter, but that’s a different conversation…). They smell great, but I don’t really get the taste!

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Many years ago, I smoked a pipe. It was the same with pipe tobaccos – the better they smelled burning, the worse the actual mouth taste.


Interesting. I think it comes down to the chemists…they’ve figured out how to get the smell right and trick our brains, but they can’t quite get the taste infused. I learned that quickly when flavored vodkas debuted. Absolut’s all smell delicious but it’s like drinking grain imo. My exception and go-to is Grey Goose Poire, which I drink on the rocks. :blush:

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While I do like their French Vanilla coffee, it is their only flavored coffee that actually tastes as it should. Same for Quick Chek-- the flavors they have never taste as good as they smell.

Having past intimate knowledge of one of these locations, I have always believed that there’s really only 10 flavors out there and they just rotate them and come up with new names.

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And I might add that Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey (while delicious) tastes more like hazelnut than peanut butter. I haven’t had Frangelico in a while, but I’m not sure I could tell the difference in a blind tasting.

You’re spot on with flavored vodkas. I try to shy away from them. Stoli “Razberi” is pretty good, though. Other that that, not many good flavored vodka memories. I remember freshly turning 21 and a friend and I got effed up on a bottle of “birthday cake” vodka (probably Pinnacle or similar dreadful brand). The next morning was not fun.

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You muuuuust meet me at Laylow for a Lunch Box. And that’s all I’m going to say. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@gcaggiano this goes for you too.


Buy a bottle of this, but listen carefully the single Espresso NOT the Double. (double is brown single is clear) Van Goh in general is the best flavored Vodka’s on the market. Don’t know what they do, but they do it well.

FYI if you like coffee /chocolate tones, this is AWESOME. I’m a big Sambuca / espresso drinking but especially in the summer months it’s too heavy for me to drink. Walking out full from dinner than having and espresso and Sambuca and walking out into a humid August night is just plain ole’ uncomfortable, plus it would make me sweat. lol Once I tried Van Goh single espresso that became my Go-TO after dinner drink. Simply pour a little over the rocks and enjoy, it is very smooth and very flavorful.

FYI keep in mind it is straight vodka, so please be careful because it is that smooth and delicious!! lol Also it lacks that chemical taste that some flavored vodkas like Pinnacle Vodka does. (to me at least)


Um…you mean this?

I honestly forgot to mention this… It’s been a favorite for years! I didn’t know there was a single version, which is why I tend to only drink this in cooler months! Thanks a lot for info I didn’t need. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I 100% concur.

I’ll also give a shout out to Deep Eddy Ruby Red, but I think that actually has grapefruit juice in it. Which is why I love it. :blush:

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Love the conversation regarding flavored vodka.
I’m a Rum guy & I highly recommend a local label for anyone who likes rum.
Brinkley’s who is in Monmouth County but actually distills in St Kitts( my second home)
His Coffee Rum, his Vanilla rum are outstanding.
Put them together with a bit of club soda & it’s
a home run.
The coconut rum is another that drinks really well on the rocks.
Just my 2 cents regarding flavors that you wouldn’t expect from rum & so smooth.

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(Mental note: keep kissing ragtops a$$ till I score an invite to the second home)


Not necessary invitations going out in November


FYI , It’s Brinleys not Brinkley’s Rum

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