Waterfront Fishouse [Oban, Scotland]

What else can one do if not devour seafood on the pristine West coast of Scotland?

We managed to find a two top with somewhat of a view of the marina at this venue in Oban. There was a queue of about 18 people by the time we showed up at opening time.

The waitstaff seemed a bit harried and stressed, and this theme continued throughout the meal. This was the only blemish on an otherwise flawless meal. Well, the wine list was also dismal, but with this pristine quality of seafood, I can let everything else slide. :slight_smile:

We ordered a dozen oysters to start with, then moved on to the seafood platter. The platter had langoustines, oysters (yes, again), scallops, mussels. Every single ingredient prep was excellent. Scallops and mussels were cooked perfectly with just the right amount of seasoning. The mussels were served in a light cream based broth that was an absolute pleasure to dunk bread into. Any meal where I can sop up broth or gravy with crusty bread is a great one!

We then split local sea bass served with crab and langoustine, and this was superlative. The flavor was excellent and this verged on a classic French prep.

Highly highly recommend this spot, if you find yourself in Oban.

Pictures follow: