Water machine

FWIW that doesn’t look like it’s in a public area, but rather a resort of some kind. (Notice the decorative fence and private utility type boxes)

I was raised in coastal Florida. Much of the municipal water did not taste good and often had a strong chlorine smell/flavor. It is not at all unusual to find water filtration stations where you can refill fill your gallon jugs of water for a price. Many people do this and it is cheaper and more ecological than purchasing new full jugs each week. It is less expensive than having big heavy glass jugs delivered which are difficult to maneuver for some.

Most of the water in that area is very hard. Many homes have water softeners to counter issues with laundry, dish washing, etc. But it adds extra sodium to the water. I know dozens of people who have to watch their sodium levels so happily obtain their drinking/cooking water from these fee based stations.

Often the water in public parks has a sulfur flavor/smell. Couple this that the water from a faucet in Florida is never cold like it is in points north. Someone who likes cold water with a clean flavor is not going to be happy refilling their bottle from a water fountain there.

All of the free public and municipal water is clean and safe. It just doesn’t taste good, especially if you are not used to it.

I would much rather see people use this sort of machine to refill a container than purchase and dispose multiple plastic containers per day.


Ha ha . Raw water . Sure . Then I have the best water on earth coming out of my tap in Mt Shasta .

I am familiar with your delicious water. I am also somewhat familiar with fights over water rights in your region. We have been fighting nestle where I live. I am very concerned about public resources being monopolized in inappropriate ways but like Thimes this is probably all I should add on this topic. Actually I guess I am off topic as it is but here is an article that might be of interest if you have not seen it.

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It’s been dead in its tracks for years

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From a redditor from miami:



My mother went to Florida Southern (in Lakeland) briefly, back in the late-mid 40s, and 30 years later, would still occasionally recount being totally freaked out the first time she turned on a tap there and could smell the water all the way from the basin…:open_mouth: (I myself spent several weeks in both Jacksonville and Miami at one point about 20 years ago, for work, and while it didn’t taste great in either place, at least it didn’t smell… )

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