Washoku Renaissance [Somerville]

I could probably eat this much shrimp just myself!

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It’s possible there’s a restaurant in the offing:

The posting is from January, but I received an email today saying the project is on its way with this picture included:

Also, rather obscurely (unless it’s to hammer home that it’s to be pescatarian), this:


No one has mentioned the re-opening of Toraya in Arlington. For the past 15 years or so, it was our favorite sushi place. We were sad when it closed due to losing their lease, and so happy to hear of its reopening. Their new place is just a bit bigger (hurray!–the old place was so tiny and no place to wait) but the menu continues to be small and limited to what they can buy, cook and serve that day. It’s a mom and pop type of enterprise, but there seems to be some new wait staff–maybe the kids have moved on to their own ventures.


Athough there were a couple of long-time younger employees they were/are not the children of the owners. But they were certainly fixtures of Toraya and part of what made it delightful back in the day! Sad not to be around to see the new incarnation.