[Washington] RIP Wok and Roll

I love hot pot. There is nothing so satisfying on a regular basis than good hot pot. So far, my favorites have been Hot Pot King and Hot Pot Hero. Both are all you can eat and yet they put out a great product. Right next to one of the H Marts I frequent is a place called Wok and Roll. I went there once and was not blown away but it was OK. The whole setup seemed a little disorganized and I did not come back for a bit. Then a few weeks ago, I went for lunch. What a turnaround! Delicious and the disorganization feeling was gone. Then Kay and I went again and it was even better. We got to chatting with the manager and my first visit was just when the then-current ownership had taken over, hence the disorganization.

So feeling the need for Hot Pot, as one does, I decided to give them another try. I drove up to papered over windows and a temp closed banner on their yelp and google pages. So good and yet so gone! At least I still have Hero and King to drown my hot pot sorrows. But finding a great place only to find it closed a few weeks later really demonstrates how incredibly difficult the restaurant business is right now. I am so glad to have closed Dino’s Grotto in September right before the pandemic broke.


I see that Hot Pot Hero and Hot Pot King are in Maryland… not sure at all where Wok and Roll is. Tehre seems to be one in DC and one in Mclean, unrelated.

This one was in Ellicot City.

I went past again today. I had the name wrong: it is Hot n Roll. And tehy are going to be back in August. The new owners are doing a major remodel. The dining room was gutted to the walls and I spoke to the manager/owner.

Since everything about this topic is wrong, maybe I should delete it.

It was due to this post that I looked up your colorful history. I wouldn’t delete this thread.

I will take your sage advice.

Plus I found out I cannot delete it anyways.

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