[Washington DC]: Any good Chinese/Asian communties with restaurants?

On a business trip in Virginia.
I was going to go Washington DC Chinatown to visit, but then I found out that the DC Chinatown is really small and no many good restaurants. So is there another Chinese community in DC with good Chinese food? Or Korean town or Japan town?

Lots of good Chinese food in portions of Virginia and Maryland. Whenever I’m in DC I end up in Falls Church which has a large Vietnamese presence and has also attracted good Chinese restaurants, mostly Cantonese. Best choices include Hong Kong Pearl, X O Taste, Mark’s Duck House, and for non-Cantonese, Hong Kong Palace (!!??) and A & J (of LA area fame). The better non-Cantonese restaurants are in Maryland, primarily Rockville, with some in Gaithersburg, Wheaton and a few other places. However not as convenient to DC or Virginia.

Yes, just outside of DC is Eden Center in Falls Church, a wonderful Vietnamese enclave loaded with restaurants and food shops. Our favorite restaurant there is Huong Viet, though there are many other choices.
DC actually has its own Chinatown, too…search carefully and you will find.

Mark’s Duck House for sure.

In the case of someone used to eating in Manhattan Chinatown (or Flushing or Brooklyn) I would wholeheartedly pass on DC Chinatown.

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Thanks everyone. I stopped by Mark’s Duck House and XO Taste today. It was a long drive, and I toured around the area.

Got back to Huong Viet this past week for lunch and it was terrific! Had my Pho with the works and my partner had her Rice Vermicelli with Grilled Pork and Spring Roll. Delicious! Eden Center had the big banner up announcing the start of the Lunar New Year and it was hopping with shoppers…

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