Wasabi vs. Ganga, Matawan

Mark and I have gone to both Wasabi and Ganga on Route 34, but after our last trip to Ganga I feel obliged to compare them (at least for lunch).

Ganga is clearly trying for a fancier look, trendier dishes, etc. The problem is that their fancy look means that the lighting is so dim it is almost impossible to read the menu or the bill. Wasabi is less fancy, and brightly lit. (Ganga’s bento dishes are so large and tables so small that if two people at a two-person table get bentos and tea, there is not really enough room.

Ganga has some options for lunch Wasabi does not. For example, they have eel and they have a lunch chirashi. They also have Thai curries, but these are undistinguished and not at all spicy. (The sauce on mine was not smooth–“mealy” may be the word I’m looking for-- and very oily.) Their bentos are smaller than Wasabi’s (Wasabi adds a second “entree” and orange wedges to theirs, while Ganga does not). And Ganga’s spicy tuna roll is not spicy and just mushy.

All this was not helped by the fact that Ganga’s itame chose our lunchtime to pound fish or meat or something to tenderize it (I guess)–not in the kitchen, but at the sushi bar just three tables away. And the tables are so close that we got to hear all about how the company of the people next to us was managing their personnel issues.

Bottom line: Ganga is fancier and has a liquor license, but unless you are ordering the eel or the chirashi, go to Wasabi.

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We were brought to Wasabi recently by the “Norm” of sushi. When we walked in all the emplyees yelled “Ted!”.

We enjoyed everything we had especially some really nice toro and fresh uni. I’ve never been to Ganga so I can’t compare, but we will be going back to Wasabi.

Against our better judgement we tried Ganga again this weekend only because my husband wanted a mixed drink. The food has never been terrible or great and the drinks were weak. Our usually well behaved one year old was not having it so we just packed it up to go but regardless, not in any hurry to come back. Service was OK but we had to ask twice for silverware. We ordered sushi and a beef teriyaki dish which all the pieces were way beyond bite sized. Agreed on the lighting too. It is like a cave in there.

We have been going to Wasabi for years and now do lots of delivery. It has been so fast lately it isn’t worth leaving the house.

Love Wasabi House, but thought we would try something different since we were up in the area. Walked into Ganga today at lunchtime. There was only one other couple in the restaurant. The waitress brought over the menu, and we got sticker shock as we read it over. $33 for sushi and sashimi for one. $18 for a yellow tail ceviche. 10 piece sushi dinner for $25. New Zealand rack of lamb? Yes. $27. A dinner bento box $26. I don’t think so. We thanked the waitress kindly and said we changed our minds and left.

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We always eat out at lunchtime, and Ganga does have a lunch chirashi for $15 and an eel lunch for $13. (Avoid the Thai food–Thai Thai is much better.)