[Warwick] Micatto

A chance find in Warwick town centre. And, indeed, a very fortunate find as the centre doesn’t seem well endowed with good lunch opportunities. At first glance, the menu looks like any bog standard Italian but, when you look a bit closer, you see that virtually every dish is a traditional one, listed as being associated with individual regions of Italy. So, if you wished, you could eat entirely from, say, the Veneto or Calabria.

A couple of really good grissini were brought. Delicious and nice and crispy. And big too – easily 400mm.

There were squid rings to start for one of us. A goodly sized portion of tender rings in a crisp batter. And, for dunking, a very decent aioli. Bruschetta for the other – another generous portion – four slices of baguette topped with long cooked sweet red pepper. That was followed by lasagne. You can order it in a small or large portion. This was the small but it was fine for lunch, particularly with the side order of green salad (although the dressing in that was overly salty).

Chicken was the other main course prepared in what the menu indicated was a Calabrian style. It had been butterflied and grilled (?) before being topped with another generous portion, this time of tomato and spicy sausage sauce. The sauce would be great with pasta and, whilst I didn’t check, it wouldn’t surprise me if it Is on the menu as such… It certainly livened up a piece of chicken. It needed a carb – in the Italian tradition they don’t come with the main dish but need to be ordered as a “contorno” – potatoes sautéed with red onions did the trick.

By this time, we were stuffed. Definitely no room for dessert but we did have excellent coffee.