Wara Wara [Providence RI]

Headed to Providence this past weekend. A great visit to Providence Children’s Museum (my new favorite museum) was followed by an early dinner at Wara Wara which has been on my watch-list for-evah. Just wow. Everything from the cool Kyla Coburn-designed interior (although the Asian-ish tchotchkes were a bit too tempting for spring onion) to the plates of food were gorgeous. A light dinner turned into an all-out chowdown. Popcorn chicken nuggets and chicken yakitori were ordered for spring onion, but mostly ingested by B and as leftovers for grandma onion (I had a piece of the Vietnamese-y spice infused popcorn chicken…wow). Ceviche was gorgeous to behold and to eat. In these capable hands, even calamari took on a new, relevatory spin. Proper treatment of bok choy brought out the bitter bite that I love about that plant. Veggie ramen was comfort in a bowl. This meal was just what we needed.


this sounds perfect. did you guys spend the night per chance? have been wanting to take our spring onion down there to go to the museum and EAT DELICIOUS providence food. have also wanted to check out water fire with him as that is something special my hub and i used to do every year for our anniversary before spring onion came along. might be a little too much w/ an almost 3yo though.

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We stayed at my parents’ house in RI (I’m a native RIer). I also have a condo on the west side but unfortunately there are renters there, otherwise I’d let you stay there.

We took our spring onion to water fire last year when he was 1.5 and he loved it. Of course he’s a bit of a night owl and we are probably too liberal with his bedtime. It’s a little bit tough maneuvering with a stroller through the crowd but as you know, people are very chill there. Your 3 year old is probably very capable of walking but I think a stroller is easier.


Pshaw! We don’t all come from the same box… some kids are night owls; others are not. What is important is what works for your family. [Yea, I am getting tired of parent-shaming when we choose different paths that don’t fit into the current group-think about child rearing.]


yay! this is so helpful! we’re totally going to go this fall! and i remember your post from last year - we’ve been wanting to go since then but just like last summer - we are out of town every single weekend this summer. hopefully in the fall we’ll make it down to providence!!!

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