Want a great breakfast in Milan

somehow, despite spending four sojourns in turin, we haven’t made it to milan yet. it seems to be a love-hate city. but anyway, it’s a short and cheap visit away when we go back to turin in september so this time we’ve booked a longish day there to explore.

First off, we arrive fairly early and would like a fantastic breakfast. we know the italians aren’t the best breakfasters in the world, so it could certainly be a hotel one. anyone have any ideas? it doesn’t matter if it’s totally Italian since we are in italy for two months and have plenty of time to eat that way.

Later, I’ll be asking about lunch but let’s start here - breakfast ideas, please!

We “survived” on hotel breakfast buffet, which was likely nearly as good a morning meal as you would hunt down in Milan. So our thought is keep your powder dry for the rest of the day and you’ll be just fine.

Ŵe aren’t staying in Milan.we arrive early morning and are leaving in the evening, so no hotel. Still looking for a great breakfast suggestion!

I have not been myself, but my daughter tells me that she and her American friends had a few big breakfasts at California Bakery at Corso Garibaldi 89 in Milan. I looked them up online and it looks like they have several locations around town. Their website is:

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