Want a date? Mention guacamole in your dating profile.

Mentioning guac in your profile will increase your chance of getting a message by 144%. Potatoes, 101%; Chocolate, 100 percent; salad, 97 percent; sushi, 93 percent; avocado, 91 percent; pasta, 75 percent; cheese, 75 percent; cake, 72 percent; burger, 68 percent.

Where’s the love for yams and fried chicken?

yams (-70 percent) and fried chicken (-15 percent).


I wonder if “sweet potatoes” and yams average out to zero, but people’s use of the respective terms is this distinguishing factor. Or maybe people who list “candied yams” as their favorite food are judged negatively

I’d love to see an analysis restricted to more diverse areas like the Bay Area, though I suspect sushi is considered here to be date food just like everywhere else (just avoid escolar).

The notion of a romantic French restaurant date seems to be a dinosaur.

Though, if you read the original article on Zoosk quoted by SFGate , oddly some of those same foods will lessen your chances of a reply if you mention them not in your profile, but in a MESSAGE:

Worst Foods to Mention in An Online Dating Message

Message text Decrease in response rate
Burrito -7%
Fried chicken -7%
Pizza -6%
Avocado -4%
Junk food -4%
Guacamole -3%
bbq -3%
Sushi -3%
Chocolate -2%
Yams -2%
Ice cream -2%
Carbs -2%
Cheese -2%
Grains -1%

So much for polls.

Is there anyone who not just likes candied yams, but considers it their favorite food?:slight_smile:


Why would yam lower the odd? I get that fried chicken has a bad health image. I wonder if they have seen the bias is more on female vs male profiles.

I love chocolate and strawberries, and I don’t mind chocolate covered strawberries. However, there is no better way to eat a perfectly ripen strawberries by simply eat them as whole (unaltered).

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Maybe proposing a burrito date or at other cheap food places decrease the odds of getting a response?

Or, getting so specific in a message to bring up guacamole indicates certain oddness that deter potential partners?

How weird. That’s all I have to say on the matter