Waltham gets a ramen place!

So waltham is apparently getting a ramen place - should I be excited?

Hakata Ramen and Sushi is coming to Waltham. I guess they have locations in Quincy and the Back Bay doing tonkatsu ramen. Has anyone been to those? I’m hoping they are at least solid because I’m going to have to go to this one, it’s just too close not to go (or will be). Target opening late March.


Oh, I saw that on Marc Hurwitz’s Boston Restaurant Talk yesterday. I’m pretty excited, too, and hope that they are solid. Hopefully we’ll hear some first-hand reports.

He said they may pursue a beer and wine license in the future, which would be great. Unfortunately, the cost of liquor licenses in Waltham is out of control, as is the process of awarding them. Michael J.'s license just went to the Marriott Corp. for $190,000. Not to mention what Gustazo went through to get theirs.

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Market stall in Lima
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