Waltham Food and Wine Festival - Boston, western burbs

So I’m just going to stop saying I’m new to the area . . . .

Has anyone ever been to or know anything about the Waltham Food and Wine Festival?

I would expect it is a pretty local, small event but I’m willing to support the local food scene and try to learn more about my new hood - just curious what I’d be getting into if I went to this . . .

(on a side note there is also something called the “Breezers Ball” though even going to their website I have no idea what that is or what it is about - anyone?)

Do you have a link, Thimes? I’m always willing to check out local food festivals, depending on when they are.

Ahhh, never mind. Looks like it’s on Thursday, March 31st. A work week event doesn’t work for me.


Sorry, should have included the link.

Here is a link to this cryptic breezer ball too …

Not seeing any restaurants that make it a must go event.

I was a little surprised that only some of the “big name” restaurants here in Waltham were involved - but then again I’ve never been to the event.