Waltham food and wine event tomorrow (Thursday)

Anyone going? I guess it is also a fundraiser for the Charles River. I think we are. I’ll post back.


I can’t go to this myself, but would love a recap if you do go!

I didn’t think anyone on here had been - if I remember I asked about it last year and no one had been.

I’m hoping to go just to support my burb - if I do I’ll post back.

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So we did go …

I’m not sure how to review it - we enjoyed it for what it was but certainly would recommend anyone go out of their way for it.

It was $50, a donation to the Charles river museum of science and industry. So tax deductible. Many, but not all, of the Waltham restaurants were represented and the food was fine. Nothing aweful but nothing outstanding. The highlight was of course the wines and beer tasting, organized by Gordon’s. Live music was a nice touch.

We were pleased to sample dovetail sake (brewed here in Waltham) and enjoyed it. And we were introduced to farmer willie’s ginger beer (4%abv) which was very enjoyable. We found a nice cava for the summer (Poema).

I think most people attending were involved in the museum or chamber of commerce types.

Since we live here it was nice to support the community. Not sure we will again next year.

hmm, that does sound slightly uninspiring. at least it was all for a good cause! thanks for reporting back.

Apt description. I think the point of going would be to support the local cause. And for that reason I’m glad we went.