Walmart never ceases to amaze me......

I was there this morning picking up a few things when I noticed these, friggin egg roll wrappers in Walmart!! When I started making home made egg rolls maybe 5+ years ago I can’t tell you how difficult they were to find. Could only find them in Asian markets, of which none were very local to me. Now Walmart has them!?!?! Lol

Walmart never ceases to amaze me either…but for different reasons :frowning: I finally weaned myself off a couple of items a couple of years ago. Feel a lot better having done that. Just my two cents.

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Agreed. Though Walmart tries hard to provide items customers want, I shop there only as a last resort, if I can’t find something elsewhere. Last time was the record-cold winter before last, when, because of frozen pipes, I had an immediate need for a space heater. Because of their poor treatment of their employees and suppliers, I feel ashamed to go there.

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A lot of supermarkets have them too as well as wonton wrappers. The latter can be filled with just about anything, sealed with egg & fork pinch & then steamed or fried. Great appetizer.

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Tom at the time (like I said 5+ years ago) none of the supermarkets had them by me. I had to go to the Asian Market, then once Restaurant Depot opened local I joined and I was able to find them there. I haven’t checked to often recently because I’ll just go to the restaurant depot when I want them, so seeing them in Walmart was a bit of a surprise to me. (they had the won ton wrappers too)

Yeah I know what you mean. In South Jersey I used to have to hit the little corner Asian shops for speciality items. Same for Spanish & Mexican.

Several years back there was a great post on CH by someone who was a long time owner of a Chinese restaurant that explained in great detail (with pictures of cooked product) the difference between the real “Egg” roll wrapper from back in the day (vs) the processed overly floured ones served in most places today. I would love to find a place that had the real Egg skins that bubbled up golden brown on the outside & were yellow colored on the inside. They were much crispier & less chewy.

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Just for your amusement, Winco opened up in GP. Everyone disparaged it and swore their allegiance to WalMart-til they shopped the new store. Winco is doing land office business on the other side of the parkway.

All dumplings wrappers are extremely easy to make. Pick Andrea Nguyen’s Asian Dumplings and you’ll see. Honest.

Winco is a GREAT company. Treat their employees great. Now I grant you that it’s not one-stop shopping like WM is but, hey, you have Fred Meyer which is.

I went to one several months ago because I needed a sewing supply and the two places that I tried were closed til later on Sunday morning. I felt so guilty. And bought that one thing and got out. Bob needed something recently that he hadn’t been able to find elsewhere. I bought a 29 cent pack of cilantro seeds and rationalized that that small amount didn’t really count. They really are quite dreadful.

Various Wal-Marts around town have some products I can’t find anywhere else. Also, their prices are very good. Unfortunately, their variety varies widely by location. And sadly, they discontinue items with greater frequency than others, so you can’t depend on them.

Happened again just last week. I really liked the Wild Oats brand Organic Ketchup sold there. It was a thinner consistency, not pasty. I liked whatever spices they used. Better than what I found at TJ and WF. I couldn’t find it on the shelf. Turns out Great Value bought Wild Oats and redid the Organic Ketchup to be like average ketchup.

Because they beat up their sources on products. At some point the company is driven out of business or ‘just’ says “fuck you Walmart.” They’re dreadful to deal with. In addition to treating their employees like crap.


YES! World’s Best Cat Litter disappeared on me :frowning: Nice to know they didn’t stick around for a reason.

I dislike them very much too, but I still go for my 120-load Tide deterg. and Iams cat food. I find myself picking up shampoo & deodorant on those trips as well. Here in Montreal, it’s always a madhouse in there.

Although they did agree to pay Immokalee migrant workers in Florida 1 penny more per pound of tomatoes. Publix did not, arguing it’s a labor dispute and they don’t get involved with that. I think they are all pretty brutal when they get so big

I don’t know if its just my local Walmart but as soon as I walk in the front doors I am overwhelmed by a sour odor consistent with vomit. I don’t know if its from old nasty mop heads or what but it almost brings about a gag reflex. Target store up the road has no such smell.

Scubadoo97, there was a recent kerfuffle on Publix’s FB page when they were boasting about how much local produce they buy.

They got called out and brutalized…with facts and store numbers, not name calling.

They really left themselves nowhere to hide.

They deserved it. It’s shameful that they could be so callous with ~2 billion in profits.

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If your Walmart is like the one by me, when you walk in the first department is produce and bakery. All their store baked products are that spongy bread like the Subway rolls, and the smell is the same a lot of people complain about Subway. I don’t know anything about baking however if I recall Subway caught some crap for having some ingredients in their bread that goes into yoga mats, I’m assuming that might be a source of the small. I know exactly what you are talking about however it doesn’t affect me in the same manner.

I had never been in a Walmart until one opened less than a mile from my office about 2 years ago. I went out of curiosity and was honestly blown away by many of their prices and selection of products. This is a “super” Walmart with everything from bakery, deli counter, seafood (not counter) and meat (not counter). I’ve never bought their seafood (frozen) or steaks, but I have stopped for chicken breasts and other food products, including their own brand “Good Value” and have never had a complaint.

I’m somewhat ashamed to admit, but I recently took a cruise and after some weight loss an update of some of my summer clothes was over due. I was walking through there and on a whim checked out some of their clothing, I’m now a 2xl down from a 3-4xl so shopping has normally been in Big & Tall shops which are the biggest rip off’s ever. I was surprised to see Walmart had my size, but at some ridiculous prices for a couple bathing suits and shorts. Yes, (bowing my head in shame) I have purchased clothing at Walmart. (even their sandals, flip flops, water shoes etc.)

My office computer which I’m typing on now, an "all in one’ touch screen 21.5 inch acer, bought at Walmart last year like $325…and last week I bought a new flat panel 1080HD TV for my office 32 inch $135. I’m sorry for for convenience, sanctification in prices (I don’t feel a need to “shop”) and selection of merchandise, I shop at Walmart.

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Me too. Money is money and I like to save it. Besides, everyone here talking about how horrible Walmart is seems to go right on shopping there.



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