Walmart Fined Over Unit Pricing (NJ)


I missed the deadline for the $500 packaged meat and bagged citrus class action lawsuit. I pored over years of Walmart receipts, checking barcode #s against my receipts. NOT one matched. Oh well.

Dollar General was similarly fined for gouging last year.

just wait until they get to Amazon . . . NJ will become the richest state government in the nation . . .

I’m not sure Amazon would considered responsible for what the individual third-party vendors list as unit pricing.

I just finished looking at the ShopRite app for Bounty paper towels, and I’d say they’re in violation also.

As if-the penalty funds collected will ever go were the actual people taken advantage of see a dime.
The grift just changes hands from one gouger to another.

Keep an eye on the new Amazon pharmacy.