Wahlburgers- what's your opinion?

Apparently Wahlburgers are opening up a branch in Northern California where I am. What’s the opinion on their burgers? The old thread seems to have opinions from all over the spectrum… Thanks.

Mediocre, not worth your time or money. There are better options.

I’m with Uni - fine if you’re hungry and in the area, but probably nothing more

I agree but in their defense I feel this way about all of the “burger joints” out there - 5 guys, shake shack, etc, etc

Great. Thanks. That will allow me to skip.

If I may ask, what do people like about it that enables them to expand all the way to California?

The TV Show & related marketing?

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Not the food eh, I guess one can say the same about all chains, mostly about marketing…

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yeah, the TV show. My father used to like to eat lunch at Alma Nove, Paul Wahlberg’s white tablecloth place in Hingham. When the TV show was running we would see lines out the door and down the street at Wahlburgers across the street.

I only went once to the one in Lynnfield, MA with my family and the only thing I remember was thinking, “Well that was OK but I wouldn’t seek it out.” The menu was somewhat interesting, and the food was OK but it didn’t wow me.

I am guessing name recognition is the driving force behind the brand.

Wahlburgers opened in downtown Detroit, walking distance to the stadiums, about six weeks ago. Incredible free publicity from a month before opening, to a full week after. Still getting queues for lunch and early evenings. Funny, but there are at least three bars within a quarter mile that turn out a great hamburger. :astonished:

I tried them shortly after they opened in Lynnfield, MA and haven’t been back since. The burger wasn’t too impressive but the (expensive) onion rings were the best part of the meal.

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