Wahlburger’s (Ocean Resort) Atlantic City

Took a trip to Atlantic City for my monthly contribution towards the electric bill. Was mid day and everyone wanted lunch so we gave Wahlburgers a try………

Well….well….Whalburger’s turned out to be far better than I anticipated. I truthfully thought the place survived solely on the brand name but no, their burgers are rather good. Far better than Shakeshake or Five Guys burgers for sure.

While we all enjoyed the two burgers the mac n cheese and their fries were meh however the fried cream spinach balls were rather good. Sysco frozen chicken fingers were exactly that.

All in all it’s about the burgers and I certainly enjoyed mine!

(Wife and I split a mushroom bacon Swiss)

(Son got traditional burger)



We’ve been once or twice. We also liked our burgers and we enjoyed the sweet potato tots.

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French fries appear to be frozen and not fresh. Can you confirm or deny?

The chicken fingers and fries were straight Sysco frozen varieties, nothing special about them.


A friend of mine is a restaurant owner and I asked him about his tenders and they are frozen but partially cooked but they must be fried and he is having a hard time getting them.

This is Texas and anything not freshly breaded and fried should be a crime. I didn’t tell him that’

I haven’t been to a Wahlburgers restaurant yet. They had a Coney Island location that closed, and I had planned to go there to cross Wahl’s and Coney Island off my bucket list at the same time. They have a retail line of ground beef patties that I like that supposedly uses the same blend.

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I recall seeing the patties at the Foodtown in Ocean. However, I have no recent knowledge.

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