Wagyu at Costco?

Hello everyone!

Have any of you seen Wagyu pop up at your local Costco? I think I saw it at Foster City about 6 months ago but haven’t seen it since.

I would greatly appreciate any pointers.

Cheers :clinking_glasses:

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I’m pretty sure I saw it the other day at Redwood City…

It was at the Roseville Costco in Sacramento last weekend.

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@ipsedixit, any details? I’m still learning, so these may be ignorant questions, but here goes. Is it A5? US or Japanese?

I am in Solano County, Nor Cal, and I think I’ve only seen it on Costco online. Large pieces.

Japanese A5

Believe it was ribeye, about 90/lb.

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The other day being last week or last month? :grinning:

Hmmmm…Might be worth the trip.

Is this Japanese Wagyu or US Wagyu? Also, Costco.com sells the Japanese type sometimes, but the reviews are inconsistent. I am not shocked, given the low Costco price, that these cuts aren’t the top A5.

Also, just like wine, the more specific the origin, the better the quality. Costco’s Japanese beef doesn’t state the exact location of the farms. Usually, high quality suppliers will state whether their beef comes from Miyazaki, Kagoshima, …etc.

Day before yesterday :blush:


Thanks so much. Snagged it today!


They usually show up around the holiday time, I recall seeing them right before Thanksgiving and Christmas at the SSF Costco (El Camino one)

The exact same Japanese A5 Wagyu was in Costco San Francisco up until early/mid January for the the same price (99.99).

I just assumed they were scooped up, or they were discontinued since it wasn’t the holidays anymore.

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Saw a few packs of these yesterday in the Costco Richmond. 2 steaks per package, usually in the $150-200 range total.

I bought it a few months ago but I’ve realized there’s not much cost savings. $90/lb at Pape meat company in Millbrae, and $100 at the Niku Butcher shop in SF. Niku is A5, and Pape is at least A4 if not A5. There are more cuts, you’re not forced to buy two, nor stand in Costco’s lines.

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