Waffles like at Brown Sugar Kitchen

For years my favorite waffle has been the yeast raised waffle at BSK. The problem is, the line to eat there is too long for me, and now also too long for my one year old. Whenever I see waffles on a menu, I ask about the batter, specifically whether the batter uses yeast. Well today, for the first time since I’ve been searching, I finally found another one. No line, kid friendly, Cosecha. And theirs is just as good as BSK’s with the light and airy interior and crispy exterior. I think it was $9, but could be misremembering. Jackpot!


Oh thanks! I have the same problem with BSK, so finding an alternative is wonderful.

I would call before going, it’s only available on Saturdays during their brunch and I’m not sure if they have it every week since their menu tends to rotate amongst a set of staples.

Thanks. You’re right. I checked their site and they only do brunch on Saturday!

Not sure if you’re a morning person, but my older son and I were doing some early morning driving practice, and got to BSK around 7:30am on a Saturday and it was about 1/3 full, so no line!